Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Ain't Got No Body

I saw this action figure head on eBay and I could not pass it up.

Unfortunately I do not have a body for this great head. The bodies that I have are either too light or too dark. Hopefully the Hot Toys Truetype Slim AA body will be a close enough match. If the body matches, I will pick up a couple of these and transfer this head to one of the bodies. Hopefully it will be released soon!


  1. I understand why you couldn't pass this one up. Is he a repaint?

  2. Aw, with a cute face like that, he needs a body LOL and then somebody ;-D

    If the Hot Toys Slim Body complexion doesn't match your guy's head, there's a Palisades Final Fantasy Ryan Whittaker's body that might do. Ryan's body is a warm medium brown.

    Only problem with Ryan's body is the space costume. I've cut and ripped it away; next I have to cut off the boots with a heated knife. Oh and he has gloved hands :-( but otherwise, it could be a match.

    Good luck!

  3. Debbie, he is not a repaint as far as I know. I'm not sure what figure he originally came from though (a firefighter maybe?).

    Dana, I remember your Ryan that you were working on - I'll have to go check him out again. I don't know about those gloved hands though. :( Yes, once this figure has a body, he'll have no problem finding somebody here, as my ladies are currently urging me to hurry and find a body for him. LOL

  4. Lots of guys going round here with gloved hands. Tsk. And they aren't all mechanics ....

    I look forward to seeing him bodies - but not likely half as much as your ladies do, LOL