Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Martini Beach Monica

The newest doll in my collection is Martini Beach Monica, and she is truly a work of art.

She was created by artist Frantz Brent-Harris. This is a doll that I was truly excited to add to my collection.

Monica came with the outfit and shoes shown in this photo, a doll stand, a bikini, a choker necklace, and another pair of shoes. I was told by the artist that she can not stand on her own, but I just had to try it. She can stand in her shoes, but she really doesn't like to and threatened to fall down at any given moment. I will use her stand all of the time with her. She can share shoes with Monster High dolls.

Here she is showing off her gorgeous curves in her bikini. Her head and neck are attached by strong Earth magnets, so her head can be removed. This is to allow for interchangeability with heads. Hmmmmm, does this mean that there are more heads from this artist on the horizon? I can't wait to find out! Since her head is easily removed, I was able to get her necklace on easily. Her legs are also attached by magnets (to allow for interchangeability with legs that have flat feet).

Here is a closeup. Monica's hair is a wig that is permanently attached.

Here, Monica poses with other curvy dolls in my collection. They are from left to right: Lammily Photographer, American Teen Dominique, Mattel Madam LaVinia curvy Barbie, Monica, Big Beautiful Dolls Dasia, Singing Tracy Turnblad, and Gone With The Wind Mammy.

Here they are all dressed up.

My Booty Babe could not allow this gathering of curvy ladies to go on without her.

Monica has made many new friends here.

Overall, I am very impressed with this doll. I love the fact that this artist has depicted a facet of beauty that we do not often see in the doll world. Monica is a gorgeous doll. Of course, I would have liked to see some more articulation. Perhaps when Monica's flat footed legs come out, there will be some articulation at the knees (I can only hope). Monica is heavy and sturdy and high quality. She is a treasured doll in my collection.

Here is my video review of Monica.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Phicen Asian Male Seamless Figure

I purchased the Phicen male Asian figure (M32), and it arrived today.

I knew that the box contained my Phicen because it was kinda heavy, as I expected that it would be for a figure with a stainless steel skeleton.

He came with 3 sets of hands, a pair of yellow trunks, a Bruce Lee head, and 3 penises in various states of arousal. I had to heat his hands and his head a little in order to attach them to the body. 

Here is a closeup of the head sculpt.

I am extremely impressed with this figure. He poses so well and is very realistic. He feels sturdy. I am concerned that his soft "skin" will suffer wear and tear as time goes on. In the meantime, he looks great! 

All of my Phicen ladies came out to greet him.

One Phicen lady in particular really caught his attention. He balances extremely well, and is able to hold and balance with this Phicen with no problem.

 They are getting to know one another better.

A challenger emerges. Martial Arts Morpheus has entered the ring.

Martial Arts Morpheus receives a kick that sends him reeling.

The match has quickly ended. The two will spar again another day.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this figure. It is attractive and realistic. The only thing that looks a little bit off to me is his abs, which don't look symmetrical. I really like this sculpt.

Here is my deboxing video and review of this figure.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Small Scale Articulation

I purchased an articulated Blythe doll body (the dark skin version).

My apologies to all of you Blythe lovers out there, but I do not know much about Blythe. I think that Takara manufactures this body, but I'm not sure. There are no markings on the body. I tried to do some research to find out more, but I got bored and my eyes started to glaze over after just a little while.  I don't know if this is an Azone or Pure Neemo or what, I just know that I wanted this articulated body. I don't want the huge Blythe head. Another one of my dolls will use this body. 

When removing this doll from the box, I was very glad to see that the skin tone is pretty much exactly what I expected from the photos on the advertisements. I was especially pleased after recent purchases where the figure that I received was not as dark as advertised.

I was also glad to see that the dark skin tone would match several of the dolls in my collection. The body feels very sturdy and is heavier than other dolls this size. She is a little bit taller than Juku Couture dolls, and about the same height as Wee Three Friends dolls.

Because of the immobility of the neck connector, any head that I put on this body will be able to move side to side, but not up and down. She has good mobility in her arms and shoulders. Her range of motion is somewhat limited at the elbows. Her upper arms swivel. Her hands rotate. There are several sets of hands that can be purchased for this doll, but I'm not interested in the various hand gestures. It would be nice to have a relaxed set of hands, though.

Her waist twists from side to side. Her legs will part slightly. Her legs rotate at the upper thigh. The range of motion at her knees is somewhat limited. Because of her ankle articulation, she can wear flat shoes, or shoes with a slight heel. She can kneel. She can also sit flat on the floor. She looks good posing in a seated position, and she can cross her lower legs.

This doll is small in stature, so I definitely wanted to give her a head with a youthful appearance. I have an extra Juku Couture Kana head, but the head has a tiny hole for the neck connector and would not fit without permanent modification. The neck connector for the Blythe body is Barbie sized.

The closest skin tone match to the Blythe body is probably my tan Momoko doll.  Momoko already has an articulated body and she's adorable on that body, so I was not about to rebody her. If I'm ever in possession of another tan Momoko head though, I'll probably put that head on this body.

I purchased this body hoping that it would be a good match for my Barbie Crazy for Coral Petite Fashionistas doll. My petite doll was not thrilled about that idea. She wasn't sure if she wanted to give up what height she does have in favor of articulation.

She's a decent skin tone match. My petite doll started to warm up to the idea.

It's a done deal. My petite doll is now more petite than ever! Her head looks slightly oversized on this body, though.

But she is thrilled with her ability to strike different poses!

Even though she is now the same height as the tweens and young teens in my collection, she is quick to remind them that she is actually a little older than they are.

She still likes hanging out with her old friends.

 The teen guys all still think she's cute.

My overall impression is that this is a good quality doll at a reasonable price. The joints are not very attractive, though. It's particularly noticeable and not aesthetically pleasing to me when I rotate her arms or legs, and the parts above and below the point of articulation do not appear to line up properly. I will find this doll something to wear that covers her body more.

I am very happy with this purchase, and look forward to posing her for many years to come.

Here is my video review of this body.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Quest for Brown Bodies

In my search for action figures with brown bodies, the following two figures caught my attention.

The female figure is a Tianyimei action figure, and the male is a Wamami action figure. Both were advertised as brown, and the photos in the advertisements looked brown to me. So I purchased both.

The Tianyimei figure is nowhere near as dark as she looked in the photos that I saw, but she is darker than some other action figures that have been advertised as "brown". Below, she's pictured with a Jiaou doll brown on the left, and a Phicen brown on the right. She is darker than both.

Her skin tone is close to both the Triad Hispanic figure, and the knock-off Takara body.

My Hot Toys Sheva Alomar head is the closest match to this body. I like Sheva on her current body though, so I will not be making that switch.

Mixis Opal's head is a little bit darker than this body, but comes somewhat close. I like Opal on her current body, and will not be making a switch.

Sheva and Opal are the only two dolls or action figures in my collection that are anywhere near the skin tone of this figure, so she remains headless for now.

She came with an extra set of hands, an extra set of feet, and 4 extra pegs. 

She is a small female figure. She will not have a problem wearing most Barbie or Sparkle Girlz clothes.

She has great flexibility, she's easy to pose, and she holds her poses very well. Her torso is covered with a somewhat soft rubbery material.

Here is my video comparison and review of the Tianyimei figure.

The Wamami figure is also not as dark as he appeared in photo advertisements. By the way, the head was an unexpected surprise. I purchased the body and hands only, so I appreciate the bonus head.

When I saw the photo advertisements for this figure, I had hoped that he would be a close match for Hip Hoodie Ken. As soon as I opened the box, I saw that he was way too pale, so then I hoped that he would match Fashionistas Ken. He is darker than Fashionistas Ken.

He has about the same skin tone as the TTL brown body that came out years ago (pictured below on the left).

This was a very inexpensive action figure body. He's not a bad buy for the money. He is fully articulated and holds his poses well for the most part. He does have one wobbly foot, so it's harder for him to balance on his feet. It appears that the manufacturer wanted to make it look like the figure has double jointed knees, but he does not. 

He's somewhat short compared to other action figures. He is shorter than Ken, and his body is about the same height as GI Joe (although he's taller than GI Joe with his head). Becky (pictured below) is relieved that he is taller than she is.

Here's my video comparison and review of the Wamami figure.