Monday, March 26, 2012

Phicen Vs. Dance 'n Flex Christie

I wanted to compare my Phicen seamless bodied figure with a Gumby-bodied action figure, but I don't have one.  So I'll compare her to a Dance 'n Flex Christie (Gumby all the way).

The Phicen figure has rubber skin over an articulated "skeleton".  She is articulated the way that most action figures are articulated.  She has trouble holding some positions because her rubber skin restricts some movement.  It can bunch up at certain points (I'm looking at her underarms right now).  Also, you have to be really careful about posing her, because she will break if you try to bend her where she's not meant to be bent.  Christie has rubber over wire, and you can pretty much bend her any way you'd like (that is, of course, until the wire breaks).

The Phicen can stand on her own and she looks more natural.  The Barbie needs help to stand, and she has spaghetti arms and pancake hands.
 They can both sit down.  The Phicen has skin that folds over when she sits down (hmmmm, so do I actually).  I could not get Christie to cross her legs.
 Here they are doing modified push-ups.  Christie can arch her back a little bit more than the Phicen.
 They can both bend to each side.  Christie can bend a little more than the Phicen.
 Neither of them can do the splits, but Christie comes the closest.  I would not recommend that you try to get your Phicen to do the splits.  Bad things will happen (see below).

The next photo is so horrible that I could not bring myself to post it here, so I will post a link.  Brace yourself before you click here.  The Phicen figure now has a hole in her upper inner thigh.  Christie has a crack on her rear (no, NOT the one that belongs there).  They are both lint and dust magnets, as you will see.  How am I supposed to clean these things, anyway?

Overall, I like the Phicen much better.  I think that she has a more natural look, and I think that her articulation is enough to achieve most day-to-day poses.  I will not be attempting any extreme posing with her.  Lesson learned.

The Phicen that I have is an older figure.  The company has improved on the design and the new batch will be released soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos and putting your gals through these paces. Whew! I don't envy Ms. Phicen.

  2. Hello from SPAIN: I just discovered your blog thanks to Ebony. I like your original collection of dolls especially Barbie Happy Family. I have a blog dedicated to Barbie I invite you to visit: In this post I like the comparison you make between the two dolls and photos so creative. If you want to keep in contact blog to blog.

  3. BTW, the Phicen also has a "bigger" butt :-) I couldn't out that picture on my blog either...thanks for doing it so!

  4. Dana, thanks! I wish that I could heal Ms. Phicen somehow, but I just don't know how.

    Hi Marta! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I will definitely check out your blog as well.

    Hi Barbiecafe! You're welcome. :) I have to show the good with the bad. Ugh, and that was really bad. Yes the Phicen is much curvier than Christie, booty and all.

  5. You can use tape to remove the lint and dust. I use packing tape, but if that makes you nervous, you can probably use masking tape or blue painter's tape or something less sticky. I've also read that you can use tiny bits of rubber cement to heal small rips or tears, but don't hold me to that. I think it'll still leave a small seam.

    The newly redesigned bodies look mostly the same as these, except that the bustlines are smaller (and more natural looking, to my eye), and the underarm area has been slightly resculpted. Not sure that I like the armpit re-sculpt, since it leaves a visible "fold" when the arms are down, while the older ones didn't, but there seems to be a bit less bunching when you pose the arms now. Also, the darkest skin tone figures have afros rather than the straight hair that is pictured on websites. I mean to take a few quick photos of the new figures soon on my Flickr site at

    1. Thanks so much Edward Liu for the tip about using the tape to clean them. I'm going to use some rubber cement on the Phicen, also! Even if it leaves a small seam, that's better than having a hole in her thigh. I like the photos of the pale redhead on your Flickr site. I'll keep checking back because I want to see photos of the darker skinned Phicens, also. Thanks!