Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Calista's Diary Entry - Field Trip

Dear Diary,

Today I went on a field trip to Dog Iron Ranch in Oologah, Oklahoma, which is the birthplace of Will Rogers.  It was so interesting and so much fun!  Something that caught my attention even before we arrived at the ranch was a small replica of the house that Will Rogers was born in.  I wished that I could stop there for a few minutes to take a closer look.  I wished that I could bring my dolls there to play.  Maybe I will one of these days.

Me and Bob had a good view from the balcony of the house.  We were enjoying watching the others below, and just talking to each other.  He seemed like he had something on his mind.

It wasn't long before the others joined us on the balcony.

It was cool in the shade!  Mira got right in between me and Bob.  

We went back down to the porch, and Mira still positioned herself in between me and Bob.  Okay, she was starting to bother me!  I felt like Bob had something to say to me, and that maybe he would say it if the others weren't around.

We were able to go inside the house also, and it was so interesting to see how people lived in the 1800's.  It's so hard to imagine what people did before computers, TV's, cell phones, cars, etc.  But I have to say that the house and the land are really beautiful!  OMG, is that an OUTHOUSE over there on the right?  I've only seen those in old movies!  I guess that there's a lot that I take for granted.

 I wandered away from the others to have a look around.  The house overlooks Oologah Lake.  The view is breathtaking.

There were a lot of animals.  We saw some Texas Longhorn steers. On the grounds, there were goats, rabbits, donkeys, horses, chickens, peacocks, etc. 

Speaking of peacocks...

I'm not sure, but I think that this may be where they made the horseshoes.

I wanted to see what was inside the barn.  There were some goats and some horses.

The workers at the ranch are EXTREMELY nice, friendly, and helpful!  They saw me looking at the goats and petting them, and asked me if I wanted to ride.  I was nervous about it, but how could I pass up that opportunity.  They helped me onto the goat, and it was a fun ride!  YEEEHAWWW!

I went outside again and had a closer look at the donkeys.  I petted them and everything.

Bob found me.  He said that he had been looking all over for me.  I told him that I just wanted to get away from the group for a while, and that Mira was really getting on my nerves.  He told me that she was getting on his, too.

I was feeling so self-conscious because it was extremely windy and my hair was blowing all over the place.  I kept trying to hold it down in front of Bob, but he told me to just let it go.  He said that I looked cute with the wind blowing through my hair, and that I looked "vibrant" with my hair blowing around and framing my face.  Vibrant?  Me?  Really?

We were alone, so I just asked him if he had something on his mind.  He hesitated for a second, and then said that we should just enjoy today.  He said that this had been one of the best days of the entire school year, and I had to agree with him.  We spent our last few moments alone sitting on a bench and watching the lake, sometimes talking, sometimes not.  And then it was time to go home.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let's Try Again

My replacement Triad Alpha (Dark Skin version) came in the mail yesterday.  She arrived in good condition without any major flaws.

She is able to sit just fine.  She is able to pose just as well as my other Alphas.

She is a welcomed addition here, and she is making friends already. 

 Here are all of my Alphas and my Omega.

In my previous post, when I said "Sheesh, even my Otaku can sit down without falling apart!", I should have known that I was tempting fate.  I wanted a photo of all of my Triad figures together.  I posed the others, and then very carefully and very slowly began to pose my Otaku in a seated position, while her leg very slowly fell off.

There is no snapping this one back on, it is broken.  I'm not too upset about it because I knew that if I continued to try to pose her, it was just a matter of time before this would happen.  So she is going to my dolly infirmary and one day, I will attempt to repair her.

I want to give kudos to Big Bad Toy Store for their excellent customer service while taking care of the situation with my defective Alpha.  I received a quick reply to my initial email asking for photos of the defective figure, and once I sent the photos I received another quick reply asking if I wanted a refund or an exchange.  I had to think about that one for a while, but decided that I really did want this figure in my collection, so I asked for an exchange and hoped for the best.  I received my UPS return label shortly thereafter.  I did not have to go to the Post Office.  Wooohooo!  I returned the figure, and the day after it was delivered to them, they shipped my replacement.  I've been ordering from Big Bad Toy Store for years and never had a problem with any of the merchandise until now (not their fault - the figure had manufacturer defects).  They have always been great to deal with and they are one of the few companies that I trust with pre-orders.  I'm glad that they were able to resolve this issue quickly with minimal inconvenience on my part.

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