Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I REALLY Dislike Going to the Post Office

No, I do not like going to the Post Office one bit.  I have dolls that I would sell right now on eBay if that did not involve going to the Post Office.  I am irritated at the very thought of going to the Post Office.  Which is why I am sitting here at 1:12 a.m. feeling disgusted.  I'm going to have to make a trip to the Post Office.

I despise going to the Post Office so much that I will sometimes keep dolls with flaws.  Some things can be overlooked.  When I opened my Triad Alpha and I saw her rough left elbow, I thought to myself "I can live with that."

Then, I saw the split on the right side of her neck, and I was rather irritated.  "Oh well," I thought, "At least she has long hair."  I was actually going to try to overlook that.  You just don't understand how much I despise going to the Post Office.

I was posing her and having a jolly good time, until it came time to sit her down.  Her left leg just popped right off.  "Okay..." I said to myself, "she has modular limbs.  She comes apart.  Just pop the thing back on."  I popped her leg back on and it popped right back off again.  The leg will not stay on.  I have in my possession an ACTION FIGURE that can not sit down!  And THAT I cannot bear.  Sheesh, even my Otaku can sit down without falling apart!

So I will be making a trip to the Post Office soon so that I can return this doll.  I am not happy.

But hey, other than that, she's a great figure.  Here she is still in her package.

And here she is removed from her packaging.  She stands quite well.

Here's a close-up.  I like her features and her hair.

Here she is with other Triad Alphas.  My other Alphas are great, by the way.  I have put them through rigorous posing, and have not had a problem with limbs that would not stay on.  And they are some of the best posers that I have.  I was really looking forward to having this new figure in my collection.   I was happy that she had a different face.  I was thrilled that they did not give her the hideous orange hair like the promo photos.  I was thinking about all the different ways that I would pose her.  But noooooooo, she can't do much more than just stand there posing her upper body in different ways.

 Here are all of my Triad ladies.

Hopefully I can get a refund or a replacement.  Posing is on hold until then.  

I fell like I should open another doll now since this one was a disappointment.  I'll open another one, but not today.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Special Day Keyshia

Of the dolls from my previous post, I decided to open Special Day Keyshia first (thanks to some good advice and quality concerns).

She came with no socks and no earrings (sigh).  Otherwise, she's in good condition.  Here's a close-up.

And here's a full shot.

Thanks to posts on I-Luv-Dolls and Black Doll Collecting blogs, I expected there to be differences between this Keyshia and my Weekend Fun Keyshia, and there are.  They are both cute, though.

Check out my Weekend Fun Keyshia post for a more detailed review of the Keyshia doll in general, and my Small Girl Dolls Comparisons post to check out how Keyshia's articulation compares to other dolls.

Here are Kenya (rebodied), TJ, and the two Keyshia's.

So guess what happens next?

That's right!  It's head swappin' time!  In today's head swap, AA Todd grows a bit, while Special Day Keyshia shrinks.  Todd's head fits well on Keyshia's body, but Keyshia's head is a little loose on Janet's body (yep, Todd was using Jane'ts articulated body prior to this).  I know that Keyshia's head is too big for this body, but she will have to deal with it until the next swap.  I like Todd's head better on this body than I did on his original stiff body or Janet's articulated body.

 Here's the new Todd compared to some of my other teen and tween boys. 

I'll have to give short Keyshia a new name.  I'm thinking about Keylee.  What do you think?  Here's Keylee and Janet becoming acquainted, Todd Brown and Todd White are about to play ball (although Todd Brown now has an unfair advantage), and others just hanging out.