Here is a video of my comparisons leading up to and including the Yoga challenge.

Teen Girl Doll Comparisons - Wee Three Friends Janet, Calista head on Super Model Bel body, Hispanic everGirl, Flavas Kiyoni Brown, V.I.P. A.N.T. Farm Chyna, and Sashabella Paws
Small Girl Dolls Comparisons - Mattel Janet, Juku Couture Kana, OHC Briana Joy, Weekend Fun Keyshia, Hottiez Kiara on Bratz body, and Winx Club Layla
Comparisons to TJ - Flavas Tre, Texas A&M Male Cheerleader, Weekend Hang TJ, My Scene Sutton, and High and Mighty Darius Reid

Comparisons to JLS Marvin - American Teen Benjamin, HSM Zac, Marvin, SClub7 Bradley McIntosh, Flavas Tre
Comparisons to 21cm Obitsu (Harry) - Mattel Julian, Buckwheat, Mattel Todd, Harry, Dave Cub Scout
Comparisons to Prettie Girls Lena 1Artsy Fashionista Barbie, Mixis Opal body with Monsieur Z Wild head, Lena, Jakks Pacific Lola, and a Kenya body with a Barbie head
Sashabella Paws Comparison 1 MomokoV.I.P. A.N.T. Farm Chyna, Sashabella Paws, Flavas Kiyoni Brown, and Liv Alexis body with HSM Taylor head
Sashabella Paws Comparison 2 -   Howleen Wolf, Sashabella Paws, and Clawdeen Wolf
Fragile and Fabulous - Triad Otaku Tan, Phicen "Hindu", CY Girl Ebony, AA Nutcracker Barbie, Fashion Royalty Adele, and Alvin Ailey Barbie
Large and Lovely - American Teen Dominique, Gone with the Wind Mammy (with Jazz Diva Barbie wig), singing Tracy Turnblad, Happy Family GrandmaGirls Explore Bessie Coleman, and Big Beautiful Dolls Dasia
Trendy and Bendy - Winx Club Layla, Howleen WolfIsla head on Clawdeen Wolf bodyV.I.P. A.N.T. Farm Chyna, Fashion Royalty Monsieur Z. Wild, and Dance 'N Flex Christie
Action Figure Ladies Comparison - Dragon Jennifer (Special Version)Triad Alpha AfricanGI Joe Helicopter Pilot, Hot Toys True Type Cuban American, BBI Perfect Body AA, and Sideshow Jinx with Triad Hispanic Alpha hands
Articulated Fashion Dolls Comparison - Juku Couture Kana, Bratz Sasha, Super Model Bel body with Calista head, Liv Alexis body with Hadley head, Kenya body with Milan Barbie head, and one of the first wave Artsy Fashionista dolls
Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Big? - Heroik Muscle Bodybs0039 with Headplay Michael Jordan head, TTL with Vin head, Rocawear Darren, Triad Omega, Shave 'n Style Ken, Ken, Power Team guy, Blue Box with Tariq head, and Barbie Basics Model #17
Heroik Muscle Body Height Comparsion - High and Mighty Darius Reid,  bs0039 with Headplay Michael Jordan head,  Heroik Muscle Body, Triad Omega, Scottie Pippen
Phicen Vs. Phicen - comparison of older Phicen "Hindu" body and the newer Phicen brown body (small bust version)
bs0039 Height Comparison - Blue Box, TTL, bs0039, Triad Omega, and DiD
bs0039 Vs. Hot Toys True Type - HT TT, bs0039, HT TT (narrow shoulders)
American Teen Dominique with Other Teen Girls - High School Musical Taylor, Calista head on Bratz body, Dominique, Hispanic everGirl, and singing Tracy Turnblad
American Teen Benjamin with Other Teen Boys - Bradley McIntosh, High School Musical Chad, Benjamin, Bob Scout, and Mattel Kevin (boyfriend of Skipper)
Phicen Vs. Dance 'n Flex Christie - comparison of older Phicen "Hindu" body and Mattel Dance 'n Flex Christie
Comparisons to Mixis Opal 1 - Otaku Tan, Monsieur Z Wild from Integrity Toys, Opal, Barbie's friend Kayla with belly-button body, and AA Perfect Body
Comparisons to Mixis Opal 2 - Fashion Royalty Adele, Milan Barbie with Model Muse body, Opal, Barbie with twist 'n turn waist, and Janay from Integrity Toys
Clawdeen Wolf Comparison 1 - Winx Club Layla, Juku Couture Kana, Clawdeen Wolf, HSM Taylor, BFC Calista
Clawdeen Wolf Comparison 2 - Liv Alexis body with Raven head, Hottiez Kiara, Clawdeen Wolf, Flavas Kiyoni Brown, Hispanic everGirl
TTL Height Comparison 1Power Team figure, G.I. Joe, TTL, Ultimate Soldier, and DiD
TTL Height Comparison 2 - Scottie Pippen, Triad Omega, TTL, and Darius Reid


  1. Thanks for bringing together all of your comparison links; they are immensely helpful.

    1. You're welcome, D7ana. I'm glad that you find this helpful.

  2. Any chance we could see an articulation comparison with juvenile dolls? Please?

    1. Hi Heather! I would be happy to. Are there any dolls in particular that you would like to see? Do you want to see all males, all females, or a mixture?

    2. Ok, I've added comparisons featuring some of the younger, smaller dolls.

    3. Your site is AWESOME! I love the size comparisons and the head swap tutorials. VERY helpful! (The first site I saw, said to run hot water over the neck, which I did and it worked, but putting them in a bag is WAS less messy, lol!) I want to swap heads again, using your method. Thanks for your help!

    4. Thank you Teri for your comments! I'm glad that you've found this information helpful. :)