Sunday, July 9, 2017

And Then There Were 3

I have previously shared the story about how my husband acquired his first Barbie doll. Now I will share the story of how he got his second and third Barbies.

Last week, I had asked my husband to look for the cornrows Fashionistas Ken at Walmart for me. I even texted him a photo and everything. Walmart did not have the Ken that I was looking for. So, I ordered Ken online. He has not arrived yet.

This evening my husband came home, Walmart bag in hand, and said that if I don't want both items in the bag, he would take the one that I don't want. I saw a Barbie box peeking out of the bag, and started clapping. He took the dolls out of the bag, and he had purchased the cornrows Ken and Zig & Zag Barbie Fashionistas.

I told him that I had ordered the Ken online and that the doll was on the way, and that I already own Zig & Zag. He told me "Well, that means I get to keep both of them then." I agreed. He said "That means that they stay in the box." I agreed again. So now my husband has a collection of 3 Mattel dolls, in addition to his Ripcord action figure. His doll collection is becoming quite impressive indeed.

A couple of days ago, I made a slight modification to my Zig & Zag doll. I removed her pink lip color and gave her a more neutral lip color. 

I removed the pink lips with acetone, put lipstick on her, and used top coat nail polish on top of that.

While I had the acetone and clear polish out, I decide to tackle a couple of other small projects that I'd been meaning to get around to. 

The black frames of Calista's glasses had faded and chipped over time. I repainted them with black nail polish and painted over that with clear polish. They look better, but not satisfactory to me. One day (when I finally buy some acrylic paint), I will completely remove all of the nail polish and paint and do a proper repaint of her glasses.

For my Bessie Coleman doll, I did the same thing that I did for Zig & Zag to replace her lip color.

Here is what Bessie looked like before.

 I showed my husband my altered Zig & Zag doll. He was unimpressed. Maybe he prefers his own Zig & Zag doll. I do appreciate him bringing dolls home "for me" tonight, though. That brought a huge smile to my face.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Little Black Dresses

I got these 6 little black dresses for only $4.80 with free shipping. That's only 80 cents per dress!

The dresses are kind of stretchy, so they will fit a variety of different dolls around Barbie's size. The dresses with the gathers at the bottom will not fit the curvy Barbies. The dresses are rather thin and short. They are form fitting and do not have any Velcro or snaps.

A couple of other dolls clad in black dresses wanted to join the others for the photo below.

The dresses are stretchy enough to fit on my action figure ladies also, however the dresses are so short and tight that I don't recommend that these ladies sit or bend over in these dresses.

I was hesitant at first to try to stretch the little black dresses over my large busted Triad Alpha, so I put her in the dress below, which is a little larger. Later though, I was brave enough to try one of the 6 new dresses on her, and it did fit.

There are several sellers on eBay right now selling these dresses. The ladies are so elated with their new dresses that they decided to celebrate!