Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dolls and Karaoke

The past 3 months have been crazy at work, and I haven't been doing much with my hobbies. I have a work project that's coming to an end. so I have a little bit more time to play. I haven't been playing with dolls much, though. I have been singing. Karaoke style. Online and in real life. So what could be better than combining 2 hobbies that you love? I've done it before, I'll do it again. :) I recorded the song below on SingSnap, which now allows slideshows. Photos of my dolls are in the slideshow. I haven't taken many new photos, so most of these are old, but many of them you've never seen before. I've also added a Karaoke tab to the top of this page that will eventually contain all of the posts where I include myself singing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! :)

Awwwwww, most of these couples didn't make it, but some of these relationships did manage to stand the test of time. Most of the ones that broke up have moved on (some multiple times), some have since gotten married, some are destined to reunite.

Edit: Well, shoot, it looks like the slideshow will not work with me embedding the song in this post. To see the slideshow, go to this link:

Here is the embedded song, but there is no video. :(
Another edit: Even when I click on this link, the slideshow doesn't work from my cell phone or tablet. :(