Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calista’s Diary Entry – Analyze This

Dear Diary,

I told Big Janet, Briana Joy, and Kana about my conversation with Skipper, and about how I had gone to the park and asked Bob to introduce me to his friend. Kana asked me if Bob had ever tried to hold my hand, and I said "Well, at the Homecoming dance, he took my hand when he escorted me to the dance floor." She said "That doesn't count. Anything since then?" I told her no, and she said "Well then he definitely doesn't think you're his girlfriend."

I was really interested in what they thought about his words "I'll see you later, okay?" I did my best imitation of his voice, and tried to capture his exact facial expression and movements.

Kana: "Maybe he meant that he was going to call you later?"
Me: "No, he didn't call."
Briana Joy: "Maybe he meant he'd see you at school."
Me: "But he always sees me at school, so why would he call out to me just to say that?"
Janet: "Maybe he's madly in love with you and he just wanted to see your face once more before you left."
Me: "Shut up Janet!"
Everyone: *giggles*

We went through several more "maybes" before Briana Joy sighed and asked "Why don't you just ASK HIM to be your boyfriend?" I said "I can't do that!" She asked why not and I told her because he's the boy, so he's supposed to ask. She told me that I'm old fashioned, and that this is the year 2010 and not 1910, and that I should just talk to him instead of trying to guess about how he feels. I told her that she just doesn't understand, but that she will when she's a little older. She didn't like that at all!

As I was about to leave, I told Janet "Oh yeah, Dylan asked about you." Her eyes got big and she said "He did?! What did he say?!" I told her "He said 'Where's Janet?'" Then she wanted to know what I said, and I told her that I just shrugged my shoulders. THEN she wanted to know if he said anything else, and how he looked when he asked about her. Kana said to Janet "You like him, don't you?" Janet said "Who Dylan? No! I just think he's...nice." The big smile on Janet's face made me wonder though.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Calista’s Diary Entry – Relationship Guru

Dear Diary,

I was hanging out with Skipper watching The Opal Show and I made the comment that I need to go on Opal and maybe she could help me. Skipper asked me what I need help with, and I told her never mind. She said "Seriously, is it about boys? Because I can help with that. I've had 2 boyfriends!" I thought about it, and Skipper has had more boyfriends than me, Kana, Briana Joy, and Janet put together (umm, we've all had zero) so I decided to ask Skipper's opinion.

I asked "How can I tell if a boy really likes me?" Skipper said "Who Bob? Of COURSE he likes you!" I asked her how I could really be sure, because he seems to be content with remaining just friends. She told me that maybe he already thinks that I'm his girlfriend. I was very confused by this statement, and she explained "Well, with Scott, he ASKED me to be his girlfriend. With Kevin, he just started referring to me as his girlfriend, and he would introduce me that way. That's how I knew."

I just kept thinking about what Skipper said. What if me and Bob have already been a couple, and I never even knew it?

Later I went to the park where Bob was playing ball with some of his friends. I stood there and watched for a while and finally Bob came over and asked me what's up. I told him that I wanted him to introduce me to his new friend. He said "Deon? But he's been at our school for a week now, and he's in some of our classes." I told him that we were never formally introduced. So Bob called Deon over and said "Calista, this is Deon. Deon, this is Calista." Deon stood there with a confused look on his face, and I waved and said hello. He said "Hi" and just stood there, and then there was a horrible awkward silence. I said "Well I have to go. Bye!" and I walked away FAST. Bob called my name and I looked over my shoulder and he said "I'll see you later, ok?" I said "Ok." Dylan asked me where was my friend Janet and I just shrugged my shoulders and kept walking.

So now I know for sure that Bob doesn't think I'm his girlfriend. Or does he? I don't know. I'm even more confused than ever now, and I feel a bit silly.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally, Momoko

I have been wanting to add a tan Momoko doll to my collection for a while now. I finally got my chance when fellow collector and doll friend D7ana put this Momoko up for sale. This is Wild Sexy Tune Momoko and I am so excited to have her!

Here she is relaxing after her long trip from Philly.

Her face is just adorable!

Here entire outfit is really cute. I especially love her beads.

She's made new friends already.

Dana I am so glad that I was able to purchase Momoko from you. I couldn't have asked for a better buying experience. She is now a treasured part of my collection. Thank you!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Tomorrow's Opal

Opal helps Artsy Fashionista come to terms with her molded-on panties.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Opal Has Changed

I got an articulated female figure body from eBay and Opal is the closest color match. I had mixed feelings about switching Opal's head to the new body because I like Opals old body and the fact that she's thicker than other dolls. But articulation wins! So here's the new Opal:

Opal's original dress and panties fit the new figure. Her shoes are slightly too small (but she's working them anyway).

She is so much fun to pose.

Luckily, I managed to get Opal's head off without ruining her old body, so if I want to switch her back at some point, I can. I did not make any permanent modifications in order to get her head to fit her new body.

Comparisons to Opal

My Opal has undergone some changes recently, so I've decided to post these comparison photos that I took well over a year ago.

L to R - Otaku Tan, Monsieur Z Wild from Integrity Toys, Opal, Barbie's friend Kayla with belly-button body, and AA Perfect Body.


Here are more comparisons. L to R - Fashion Royalty Adele, Barbie with Model Muse body, Opal, Barbie with twist 'n turn waist, and Janay from Integrity Toys.


Big-headed Dolls of the World, Unite!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Julian's First Day

Julian was so excited about his first day at his new school that he asked his new friend Todd to show him around before classes started. Todd agreed and brought some friends along to help. Todd got a little carried away and even pretended to be the teacher for a while.

Todd even logged on to the classroom computer. He just really wanted his new friend to be well prepared and to know what to expect.

After the tour, the boys posed for a photo.

Some girls have arrived and want to pose for a picture as well. Julian has plenty of new friends in his new school.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calista’s Diary Entry – Couples

Dear Diary,

It seems like new couples are springing up every day.

I just keep wondering when it's going to be my turn (to be part of a couple).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lil' Penny Gets a Shave

Lil' Penny had not been his usual wisecracking self. He struggled with finding his place in my collection. He felt as if he didn't really belong anywhere. He is much smaller than the 1/6 adult figures, but larger than my mini adult figures. Indeed, he is the size of a 1/6 scale child. There was only one problem:

With a full mustache and a beard, he looked much older than the other children.

But that's nothing that a little nail polish remover couldn't fix.

Now he's back on his game and hangin' with his boys. He'll be known as Deon from now on.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

The boys decided to pose for photos.

Todd and Little Dylan are newly deboxed and ready to play! Todd is especially happy since he spent a number of years in the box.

Ok, some of my "boys" are experiencing a second childhood. :) They are not really boys, but their short stature makes them suitable fill-ins.

Bob and Dave in uniform.