Thursday, October 31, 2013

Calista's Diary Entry - Halloween Carnival

Dear Diary,

Tonight I went to a Halloween carnival with my friends Kana, Briana Joy, and Big Janet and I had a lot of fun!

There were indoor activities, and they also had a few rides and games outside.  Others from my school were there.  Bob was there.  :)

Skipper was there with her boyfriend Kevin.

Jenna and Kiara were there together.  Jenna was dressed as a witch.  I overheard a girl saying "How fitting" and another girl said "Which witch is which?".

There was a lot of good food there.  They had some humongous pecan pies that were so delicious!

I spent a lot of time hanging out with Bob.  We went on a hayride.

We also rode on a big monstrous duck.

Some of the things were kind of creepy, but not really scary.

One thing that was rather frightening was a huge jack-in-the-box.

And there was a huge hairy spider.  Even though I knew it was fake, I didn't want it to touch me.  It gave me the shivers!

There was also a big snake that kind of made me feel uneasy.

There was just so much there to see!

And so much there to do!

Eventually we went outside and I did not see Bob much after that.  I didn't know where he went.  Dylan came over and asked Big Janet if she wanted to ride through the Haunted House with him and she said "yes".  Well they came out with big smiles and holding hands!  I can't wait to talk to Big Janet to find out what happened!

A while later, I saw Bob.  He was playing a game, trying to win a prize.  I felt a little disappointed that he was not spending time with me riding some of the rides.

Just when we were about to leave, Bob came over to me with a huge Teddy bear, and he gave it to me!  I was shocked!  I almost couldn't get my words out.  I said "What...  Oh my....  How did you....  How long did it take you to win this?"  He told me that it wasn't a problem and handed the bear to me.  I didn't know what to say other than "thank you!"  

I hugged my bear in the car all the way home.  :)))))))

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Father-Son Fishing Trip

Brad decides that today is a good day to take his son Bob on a fishing trip.  He looks forward to spending time together and to having a man-to-man talk with his boy.
Bob:  I can't believe you're wearing that.
Brad:  What?  This is comfortable!
Bob:  Why do I have to carry all of the gear?
Brad:  You're young, you can handle it.

Bob:  I see a good spot up ahead.
Brad:  Lead the way.

Bob:  What kind of bait should I use?
Brad:  I'll let you make the decision.

Brad:  Okay, bring the rod back over your shoulder.  Move your hands just a little.  That's it.  Now as you're casting it out, release your thumb.
Bob:  Like this?

Brad:  That's good. Now bring it in just a little.  Just relax.
Bob:  I've got this.

After several minutes of giving more fishing tips and having general conversation on a variety of subjects, Brad begins to ask more pressing questions.
Brad:  So, how's school going?
Bob:  OK.
Brad:  Are you making lots of friends?
Bob:  I pretty much have the same friends that I've had for a while.
Brad:  Do you have a girlfriend?
Bob tenses up and begins to feel slightly uncomfortable.  He remembers how awkward it was when his dad had the sex talk with him, and he's hoping that this is not going to turn into another one of those.  Brad senses his son's discomfort.
Brad:  Relax, I just want to know what's going on with you.
Bob:  Nothing much.
Brad:  Yeah, I remember that I had my first girlfriend when I was about your age.  And you're every bit as handsome as I was, soooo...
They both laugh.  

They decide to move to a different spot.
Bob:  I don't have a girlfriend.  Not really.
Brad:  Does that mean kind of?
Bob:  Well, there's a girl that I like a lot.
Brad:  Who is she?
Bob:  Her name is Calista.
A wave of relief washes over Brad.
Brad:  Oh, the Knight girl?  Yeah, she's a nice girl.  Pretty, too.  Tell me what you like about her.
Bob:  Well, she's nice.  Pretty, too. [They both laugh]  She's also really smart.  And funny.  And interesting.  And a lot of other things, too.

Brad:  Well, it's good to have friends.  Nice friends.  Friends that you have things in common with.  Nothing wrong with being just friends.  In fact, I encourage it wholeheartedly.  There's no need to be in a rush at all.  But are you feeling like you want more than that with this girl?
Bob (hesitantly):  Yes.
Brad:  Does she know how you feel?
Bob:  I'm pretty sure that she does.  I wrote her a note saying that I like her and asking if she likes me too.
Brad:  What did she say?
Bob:  She started to write me back, but she got interrupted.  She never did answer the question.  Sometimes it seems like she likes me, other times I can't really tell.  She acts weird sometimes.
Brad:  What do you mean "weird"?
Bob:  Well, she just does things that I don't understand.
Brad lets out a big belly laugh.
Brad:  Well, that's a woman for you!

Brad:  Look, women are going to do things that we don't understand.  And we are going to do things that they don't understand.  Communication is the key.
Bob:  We talk a lot.  We talk all the time.  But talking about feelings is HARD.
Brad:  I know it is, son.  And saying how you feel is one thing, but showing it is the most important part.
Bob:  How do I show it?  I could buy her presents.  I'm going to need a raise in my allowance.
Brad (laughing):  Well, you're not getting a raise.  Giving gifts is good as long as it's heartfelt and meaningful.  It doesn't have to be a store bought gift, either.  Girls appreciate when you put a lot of thought and effort into something.  You could make her something, write her a poem, or get her something that you know she really wants.  Showing how you feel is not about showering someone with material things.  If a girl ever tries to convince you otherwise, you're messing with the wrong one.

Brad:  Showing how you feel is about being there for that person.  Being interested in what she has to say.  Showing affection.  Being consistent.  Making sacrifices for her.  Showing that you are trustworthy and loyal.  And once you really show her how you feel, trust me, it will speak much louder than any words that you say.
Bob:  Does that mean that I don't have to say the words?
Brad (smiling):  No, you still have to say the words.  That's part of the communication that we were talking about earlier.

Brad:  The good news is that it gets easier to share your feelings after the first time.  Once you know for sure that she knows how you feel, and once you know for sure that you know how she feels, it gets easier.
Bob:  Ok.
Brad:  And once again, I want to stress to you that it's okay to remain friends for a very long time.  Some of the most intense romances start off that way.  And that Knight girl is a nice girl, so you're going to want to take your time.  Remember, you can have as many female friends as you want, but you can only have one girlfriend at a time.
Bob:  I know, Dad.

Brad:  Check out those turtles over there.  The ones on the log.  Let me tell you what they're about to do...
Bob:  Dad, please don't!
Brad (laughing):  Well, I knew that you were expecting another sex talk, so I didn't want to disappoint you.
They both crack up laughing.

Bob:  There are a LOT of fish in this pond - I can see them.  Why aren't we catching anything?
Brad:  I don't know, I guess they're all full.
Bob suspects that it's really because Brad has been talking the entire time and scaring the fish away.

Brad:  Remember, I am always here for you.  Whether you need advice, someone to talk to, or anything else, I'm here.  I know that you're at that age where you think that you know everything, but trust me, you don't.  I thought that myself at your age, but I learned that I really needed my dad more than ever. 

Bob knows for a fact that he can go to his dad for anything.  He knows that he can depend on his dad, because his dad has been there for him every day of his life.  The words that Brad speaks are that much more meaningful because his actions back them up.  Bob thinks that his dad is pretty cool, even though he dresses funny.

Bob:  I love you, Dad.
Brad:  I love you too, Son.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Calista's Diary Entry - Growth Spurt

Dear Diary,

My clothes are tight, my shoes are too small, and people always comment about how much I've grown.  They say that I've hit a growth spurt.  I look different on the outside, but I feel the same on the inside.

I'm about the same height as Skipper now. She hasn't changed much.

Some of Skipper's friends have changed a lot though.  The twins Hadley and Isla, and her friend Taylor have all gotten so tall!

Kana and Briana Joy haven't changed much.  Kana's hair isn't purple anymore - that's the biggest change with her.

I'm a little bit taller than Bob now.  I wonder if he's noticed?  I wonder if it matters to him?  It doesn't really matter to me.  Maybe he'll hit a growth spurt of his own pretty soon.

Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I could've sworn that Kiara used to be taller.  Maybe she just seems short to me now because I'm taller?  I don't know.  She's been hanging out with the new girl Jenna a lot.  I don't know Jenna well, but she seems okay.  I heard someone say that she is cute until she opens her mouth.  I don't know what they mean by that.

Mikey has not changed a bit.  He is just as obnoxious as ever!  His nickname for me now is Medusa.  I guess he's trying to be funny about the twists that I wear in my hair.  Layla has always worn twists, so why doesn't he call her Medusa?  He was calling me Bigfoot Knight for a while.  I don't know which name I hate worse.  I keep ignoring him and hoping that he'll eventually just leave me alone.

I guess that a lot of things are changing, but a lot of things have remained the same.  I'm just glad to have my family and my friends.  I feel that with their support, I can face any changes that come my way.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bratzillaz Sashabella Paws

Well, look who was waiting for me at Family Dollar yesterday.

It's Bratzillaz Sashabella Paws.  I had seen her when she was first released at Toys R Us, but I was not willing to pay the price that they were asking at the time.  I'm glad that I waited and that I was able to get her for $10.  Here she is out of the packaging.

She comes with a hairbrush that is shaped like a broomstick, and she also comes with a stand.  She is not able to stand on her own.

She has large glassy eyes.  Her hair is white with black stripes.  Her earrings can be removed.  Her hat is held on by a clear rubber band and can be removed.  She has a permanent tattoo (or "witchmark") on her right thigh.

Her outfit includes a cape, a pink and black dress, long toe-less socks, and black boots.  Here's a look at her outfit without the cape.

Daaaaang!  I turn my back for one minute and Clawd Wolf is already making his move!

Well I guess that he shouldn't waste any time, because one of these days Sashabella is going to lose her head.

Her is Sashabella with some new friends.  From left to right:  Momoko, V.I.P. A.N.T. Farm Chyna, Sashabella Paws, Flavas Kiyoni Brown, and Liv Alexis body with HSM Taylor head.

She has a short torso and long legs.  She has articulation at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, and knees.  Her waist can can turn, as well as bend side to side.

Here she is with Howleen Wolf (left) and Clawdeen Wolf (right).  Their articulation is comparable.  Sashabella has articulation at the waist, which the Wolf sisters do not have.  The Wolf sisters have knees that swivel, which Sashabella does not have. 

Here they are from the side.

I have plenty of teen dolls here, so I'm confident that Sashabella will have clothing choices.  I'm more concerned about shoes.  Her feet are slightly longer than Howleen's, and slightly shorter than Clawdeen's.  Sashabella's feet are about the same length as Chyna's, but Sashabella's feet are wider, so they can not share shoes.  In the photo below, they are from left to right Howleen Wolf, Sashabella Paws, Clawdeen Wolf, and Chyna.

Overall, I like her.  I'm not very fond of dolls with oversized heads in general, so I'm looking at her from body donor potential.  I do not like her hair, I do not like her eyes, I do not like her "witchmark", and I do not like her feet.  I think that she has pretty good articulation, and she seems pretty sturdy.