Friday, May 11, 2018

WWE Superstars Naomi

I recently purchased this WWE Superstars Naomi doll. I was eager to add her to my collection because of her muscular body and her articulation. Here is a look at the doll inside of her package (front and back of the package pictured below).

The doll comes with two outfits and two pairs of shoes. She can stand without assistance in her shoes. She did not remain in her packaging for long.

Warning: doll nudity ahead. Here is a look at Naomi's muscular, yet feminine frame. She has articulation at the elbows, wrists, and knees. She is a highly posable doll. She has molded on flesh colored panties. She has feet made for high heeled shoes (or boots in this case).

I wanted to see if she could do splits. This is as far as she can go.

She looks good in a seated position, and she can cross her lower legs.

 Her outfit above is inspired by her look inside the ring. She also comes with a second fashion, meant to show her versatile style. She looks great in both outfits, and I am pleased with the quality of her clothing and boots.

Her she is compared to other dolls in my collection. She is thicker than a standard Barbie and Fashion Royalty doll. She is not as thick as curvy Barbie or Fresh Dolls.

As much as Naomi likes hanging out with the other ladies and talking about fashion, her passion is wrestling. No worries, she has found some friends who also like to fight.

Elijah Burke wanted to test her right from the start. She tried to warn him that he would end up flat on his back.

Sometimes you can show a person better than you can tell them.

But it's all in good fun. They are all professionals and know how to take a fall.

Naomi is having a blast with her new friends, and looks forward to throwing them around the ring every chance she gets.

Overall, I am very pleased with this doll. I love the fact that this body is different than standard Barbie bodies, and that a more muscular frame is being represented here. I am also pleased with the articulation of the doll. I am happy to have Naomi in my collection.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Babysitters Inc Skipper Rebody

I purchased a Skipper Babysitters Inc doll a few months ago. I wasn't in any hurry to remove her from her packaging.

That changed when I saw this Blythe Black Skin Tone body. I purchased this doll hoping that I would have dolls in my collection that would match. Skipper is a close enough match. I wasted no time removing Skipper from her packaging and rebodying her.

Some time ago, I did a review of the Blythe body. This is the same body, but Skipper's is a darker skin tone.

 Her is a closer look at Skipper. She has a cute youthful face, and I like her curly hair.

 The Blythe body is shorter than the original Skipper body. But Skipper is thrilled with her newfound mobility.

Skipper's original outfit fits well. However, the Blythe body's feet are slightly larger.

Skipper's boots will just barely go onto the Blythe body's feet.

From the back, you can see that Skipper's boots do not close completely. I'm not too concerned about that. Skipper can stand on her own in these boots.

Skipper needed this added articulation in order to perform her babysitting duties to the best of her abilities. There are a lot of babies and toddlers here, so she will be busy. Below, she is pictured with her friend Barbie Crazy for Coral Petite Fashionistas doll, which has also been rebodied on a Blythe body. Skipper just will not put down her phone, just like some other teens that I know.

Here are the Blythe Bodied dolls compared to some of the other teen and tween dolls in my collection.

 Skipper looks good in a seated position.

Here, my new Skipper is pictured with my original Skipper (Homecoming Queen). My original Skipper is demanding that I change the name of this new Skipper. Hmmmmm, I'll have to ponder that one.

Skipper's box had a few other items besides the doll and her phone. There were cardboard cutouts of a To Do List, a delicious looking drink, and a toy xylophone. There was also a plastic sippy cup. 

This Skipper is cute, and I like her even more with her articulated body. Ideally, I would have liked for her to be the same height as the original Skipper. Perhaps Mattel will release some articulated Skippers in the future (wishful thinking on my part, but I am hopeful). I like Skipper's outfit and her boots, and I like her phone and the sippy cup. I don't care about the cardboard cutouts. Overall, I'm pleased with this purchase.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Celebrity Crush

A recent discussion in the WLBDA Facebook group prompted me to ask this question: who is your celebrity crush and do you have him/her in doll form?

My celebrity crush is Denzel Washington. I have a doll created in his likeness, but my doll doesn't look as much like Denzel as I would like. I wish that I have a 1/6 scale trumpet for my Denzel to play in these photos, but I don't, so this horn will have to do.

I once had a crush on Wesley Snipes back in the early 90's, but not for long. I have a Wesley Snipes doll as his character Blade. My crush on Wesley was gone by the time the movie Blade was released. I thought that both Denzel and Wesley were hot in the movie Mo' Better Blues.

My crush on Denzel began in 1984 when I saw the movie A Soldier's Story. I thought that Denzel's character Private First Class Peterson was super cute, and I admired Denzel's acting abilities. My crush on Denzel has persisted to this day. 

I remember seeing Wesley Snipes' first movie Wildcats and I thought he was very funny, but not particularly attractive. That opinion changed when I saw Mo' Better Blues. As I recall, he had one scene in particular that I found especially pleasing and it really captured my young imagination.

I admire both Denzel and Wesley for their acting abilities. I loved seeing them together in Mo' Better Blues, and I loved seeing them individually in movies that would follow.

My respect and admiration for Denzel Washington extends beyond his acting abilities and his good looks. For that reason, the crush that I formed on him when I was 14 years old is still going strong with me as a middle aged woman.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Seamless Male Dolls

I recently purchased a male Jiaou doll ("Black"). Here is my video review of the figure.

At the time I didn't have any extra heads that would be a good match. I purchased this Steph Curry head on eBay hoping that it would match either the Jiaou doll or the Phicen.

This head was a better match for the Phicen body, which meant that Bruce Lee had to give up his Phicen body. The Bruce head looks good on either body.

The Steph head is not a perfect match for the Phicen body, but it's close enough for me. The Jiaou doll body is slightly shorter and has a shorter neck, so Bruce is not entirely pleased with this arrangement. Perhaps I'll make an adjustment to Bruce's head at some point so that it will sit higher on the Jiaou doll neck.

Steph would have preferred a tall body, but he likes flexing the muscles of this seamless body. And he doesn't seem to mind hanging out in his underwear all the time. 

Bruce is going to make the best of this situation. After all, he is a great skin tone match for the Jiaou doll body. And he's just as muscular and almost as flexible.

Maybe these two can be friends. Even though Steph got the Phicen body with the completely stainless steel skeleton. Bruce's Jiaou doll body is part stainless steel and part plastic.

Ok, maybe they can't be friends. It's nice to know that Bruce can still deliver those kicks when he feels the need.

 That leaves Steph more time for posing and whatnot.

I am really pleased with how this figure has turned out. He looks and poses great.

Steph is settling right in, and has even found himself a pet. I got this tiger as a souvenir from the zoo when I visited last year.

Steph is having no problem making new friends.

The Jiaou doll came with some "extra" special body parts, as did the Phicen. I have uploaded some photos of the extras to my restricted Flickr album. DO NOT CLICK HERE if you are easily offended.