Sunday, February 19, 2017

American Girl Addy Mini

Hello everyone! I'm still here, and I'm still collecting! I've slowed down somewhat on purchasing new dolls, and I'm way behind on my blogging. Part of that is due to a new opportunity that I have at my job that I'm very excited about. I'm much busier, have a lot to learn, a lot of training to go through, and I'll be working more overtime. I'm super excited about it! In the meantime, I have a few draft blog posts that I need to complete and share, and this is one of them. Last year, I got my first American Girl doll - a mini Addy.

This is the mini American Girl Beforever Addy Walker doll. The doll comes with a book. Here she is out of the box.

She is adorable. Here is a close-up. Her hair is braided and crisscrosses in the back, and she has blue ribbons in her hair that match her dress. She wears gold hoop earrings.

Here she is from the back, where you can see the back of her hair in more detail. Her dress is gorgeous, and she wears white knickers beneath her dress. She wears a pair of white socks and black boots.

Addy's book is large for her, but large enough for a child to read.

Here is the front and back of Addy's book.

Addy's new friend Buckwheat offers to carry her book for her.

Here are some of Addy's similarly sized friends: Barbie S.I.S. Kianna, Our Gang Buckwheat, Addy, Shawn, and Janet.

And just the females this time: Paula, Kianna, Addy, Janet, and Keyshia.

Addy is a cutie and fits in well with my 1/6 scale child dolls. Her head is a little larger, but it's not huge. I'm happy to have added her to my collection.