Saturday, November 28, 2015

How To Do A Boil Perm

Shawn needs a new boil perm, so I will use him to demonstrate how to do one. He had previously undergone a transformation from this:

To this:

Part of his transformation was achieved by giving him a boil perm, but I wasn't completely satisfied with his look (and my husband had nicknamed him "Big Perm"). I had left him with enough hair so that I could redo his perm if I ever decided to. I wanted Shawn's hair to look less like a roller set and more like an afro. So I'll get started.

You will need something to roll the doll's hair with. In the past, I've used twist ties, pipe cleaners, and curling rods. This time, since I planned to give Shawn very tight small curls, I opted to use aluminum foil. His previous perm was done with twist ties.

To achieve larger curls, use larger sections of hair.

For Shawn's perm, I took very small sections of hair and rolled it with the foil. I twisted each section of hair a little before rolling.

I then dipped his head (completely covering his hairline) into boiling hot water for 1 minute.

I let his hair air dry completely for a couple of days. For dolls with longer hair, it may take even longer. Do not use a hair dryer on doll hair, as it may damage (melt) your doll's hair.

After Shawn's hair had dried completely, I removed the foil rollers.

I picked out his hair a little and cut off some straight ends, and his hair is finished.

This is an improvement over his previous perm. I'm still hesitant to cut his hair any shorter, just in case I decide to give him yet another boil perm at some point in the future.

Monday, November 23, 2015

An Alpha for Sheva

I remember how excited I was years ago when I saw the first promo pics for the Hot Toys Sheva Alomar action figure. I knew that she would be expensive, but I wanted her anyway. As the time came closer for her release, her expected cost became known and it gave me serious pause. However, I communicated with another collector and we made a deal that we would go half and half on the figure. I wanted Sheva only, and he wanted all of her gear. By the time Sheva was released, he was dealing with health issues, and we never followed through with making the purchase (R.I.P. Paul). 

Here is one of the promo pics that had me so excited.

The Sheva figure sold out, and her price skyrocketed on the secondary market. I regretted not buying her when she was first released. I could've sold all of her gear that I did not want. But, she was the one that got away.

Last year I started thinking about her again. I checked on eBay and the complete figure was selling for 3 or 4 (or more) times the original retail price. In some cases, her head alone was selling for what the original retail price of the entire figure was. I kept watching the auctions for her head, and finally won the head for a price that I was willing to pay.

When the head arrived, I gathered up my female action figures to see which one was the closest skin tone match to Sheva, and it was the Triad Alpha (Hispanic).  The Alpha temporarily lost her head as I tried the Sheva head with the Alpha body. It did not go well. Alphas have a cone-shaped neck knob, while Hot Toys figures have a round neck knob. Below is a photo of an Alpha neck.

I wondered if the plastic grape trick would work, but it did not. Below is a photo of the Alpha body (with plastic grape attached) holding the Alpha head on the left, and the Sheva head on the right.

I asked fellow collector Codename Silent G for help because I saw that he had rebodied Sheva and other Hot Toys heads on other bodies. He told me what I needed to do, but I procrastinated.

Sheva popped up on my blog once last year in a holiday photo, but her head wasn't really attached to her body.

I put the Alpha's original head back on the body, and Sheva's head has been languishing in my Drawer of Forgotten Heads ever since, until recently.

I decided to stop procrastinating, and I purchased Sheva her very own Hispanic Alpha body. I opted for the small bust version, since none of my other Alpha ladies have this version.

This figure came with no spare hands and no spare feet. I wasted no time in opening the figure, which had never been removed from the package. I've had problems with Triad figures in the past, so I was really REALLY hoping that there would be no issues.

There was an issue. :( Her upper torso articulation does not, ummmm, articulate. Her upper torso is immobile, as if someone glued it in place. Ok, I REALLY dislike going to the post office, so I asked for (and received) a partial refund instead of returning the figure. So I proceeded with the modification.

I had in my possession some vinyl shelf caps from Home Depot. I purchased a pack with large and small caps because that's all they had, but I only needed the small ones.

If you only place the shelf cap over the neck post and then put the head on, the head will stay on but it will not sit properly on the neck. Below is a photo of Sheva with her neck tilted back prior to the modification that I describe below. Not a good look.

I needed to make a permanent modification to the Alpha body. I gathered the items that I would need:  a vinyl shelf cap, a ruler, scissors, something sharp and sturdy enough to cut through hard plastic (I used garden shears, but wire cutters will also work), and a metal nail file (sandpaper would probably work better).

I cut off the bottom 1/16" of one of the shelf caps with scissors. Then I cut off the top 1/16" of the neck knob of the Alpha body with the garden shears. I used the metal nail file to smooth out the neck knob after I had cut off the tip.

I submerged the shelf cap in boiling hot water for 1 minute, and then I pushed it down on the Alpha neck post as far as it would go. This turned the neck post into a vinyl ball that would grip the inside socket of the Sheva head. Then I attached Sheva's head. Her head is now securely attached and she has full range of motion. 

I'm not completely satisfied because the Alpha neck looks a little thick for this head, but I'm happy for the most part. I'm going to find her something to wear that covers her neck a bit, and this is a done deal. I've finally got my Sheva Alomar!

Sheva is quickly making friends.  Pictured below are from left to right GI Joe Colin Powell, Sheva, Samuel Wilson, GI Joe [Jane] Helicopter Pilot, and Triad Hispanic Alpha. Sheva and the Hispanic Alpha both have a set of flat feet, but they will have to share the heeled feet and spare hands.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Tall Falcon

Meet Samuel Wilson.

He is known elsewhere as The Falcon, but here he is no superhero. The Hot Toys Falcon was a bit more than what I wanted to pay, so I picked up this handsome head only. He let me know that if he couldn't be a superhero, he at least wanted to be tall. So, I made up my mind to get him a tall body one day. His head has been languishing in my drawer of forgotten heads since last year.

When I recently removed myself from my doll buying hiatus, one of the first things I did was buy one of the Coo Model tall bodies for Sam.

The figure is well made and the joints are tight. He poses well, and comes with 7 hands (none of them are relaxed hands, unfortunately). His legs have an extra segment, which gives him his extra height.

I put Sam's head on, and I was a little disappointed. The body is a little darker than the head, and the head doesn't sit on the neck quite right. I looked around for something that would cover his neck a bit, and tried this ill-fitting suit on him. Not a good look.

Tobias tried to hide, but I saw him with that suit that was slightly too large. I decided to swap suits between the two of them. Below, Samuel shows off the shirt and slacks. It doesn't look bad on him at all, and I'm happy that the shirt covers his neck.

Here he is fully suited.

Tobias is not a happy camper at all. One of these days, I will buy him something fabulous to wear. Meanwhile, Samuel is thrilled with his attire.

Here is a quick height comparison between Samuel and some of my other figures. From left to right (and shortest to tallest) they are: GI Joe Colin Powell, Triad Omega, Samuel, Remi, and Scottie Pippen.

Samuel is about the same height as the taller Fashion Royalty ladies.

Samuel prefers to hang out with the fashionable crowd, but he wants it to be known that he can hold his own in any action-packed situation, should the need arise.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Out of Sight Nadja

Another Integrity Toys Convention 2015 doll that I had to have was Out of Sight Nadja.

She is a stunning doll.

With some effort, she can stand on her own in her shoes.

She has well made clothing and accessories.

I really love her shoes. They zip up the back. Her skirt is lined.

She poses well, whether seated or standing.

She will fit in quite nicely here. She and Tobias are finding that they have common interests.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with her. She is the kind of doll that I feel I should put on display behind glass and not touch very often. I'm afraid of breaking her and her accessories. I'll just have to be very careful.

For most of this year, I have been on a doll buying hiatus. It appears that I am now on a doll buying binge. Stay tuned for more new arrivals coming soon.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tobias Alsford

When I saw him, I knew that I had to have him. Tobias Alsford has joined my collection.

He came to me boxed and nude, with a spare set of hands. He is posing below in a pair of Triad Toys boxer briefs. He is 13 inches tall and articulated at the upper torso, elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles.

 He's a handsome guy.

I was hoping to quickly find something for him to wear, but didn't feel optimistic since he is taller than most 1/6 scale dolls. When I tried the shirt below on him, I began to feel hopeful since it was just the right length for him. All of my hopes were dashed, though, once I put his pants on. This just will not do.

He'll have to wear it, though, until I can find him something more suitable (ha). The jacket is a nice length for him, but it's a little too large on his slim chiseled physique. His shoes fit him very well.

My Adeles feel that he will fit in quite nicely here. The other ladies in my collection do agree.

Here he is hanging out with Darius, Adele, Adele, Remi, and Janay. Remi and Jana are a little underdressed for this occasion.

I'm sure that Tobias has many talents that will be revealed as time progresses.

Overall, I'm very happy with this figure. He poses well and he is aesthetically pleasing.