Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back to Brooklyn Remi

I've had Remi for about 3 years, and today I decided to debox him.

He is handsome and tall with well-made clothes and accessories. His mohawk is a little off-center, which bothers me a little. His hair is rooted down the middle and flocked on the sides. I would have preferred the previous Remi with the afro.

This is not how I personally would have chosen to dress him, but I kind of like his attire. I really like his jacket. His T-shirt snaps partially up the back. The pockets on his pants are real, but he can barely get his hands into them because they are so tight. Remi's hands are removable, which makes redressing him easier.

As he was trying on his hat and jacket, Janay wanted to come by and say hello. Remi thought that she looked a little cold in that dress, so being the gentleman that he is, he offered his jacket and hat to her.

Other Fashion Royalty friends came by to say hello and welcome Remi out of his box. Remi is about the same height as Darius Reid, so he's a tall guy.

Remi's pants come unsnapped when he sits down. Adele and Darius didn't stay long.

Below, Remi shows off his articulation. He did not come with these underwear, they are borrowed. He is jointed at the elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. His chest articulation allows him to bend slightly from side to side. He can also bend forward very slightly, but he can't hold that pose.

 Janay decided to help Remi show off his articulation.

Remi has great balance and is able to hold poses really well, even while holding up Janay.

Remi finds it much easier to sit without his tight pants.

Overall, I think that Remi is a great figure and I am glad that I was able to get him. I can live with his off-center hair, which is really my only gripe. His body is well-sculpted and I love his articulation. Janay is thrilled that I've finally released him from his cardboard prison, and I think that they make a stunning couple.