Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hollywood Starlette

Well, the best thing that I can say about Starlette is that she has provided undies and shoes for Dasia. Big girls need pretty lacy frilly things too! And shoes!

The bra and panties are a decent quality. They are a little on the large side for Dasia. I could probably make a few touch-ups with a needle and thread to make the pieces fit better.  The shoes are made of thin plastic, and they are a little too long. Dasia's feet fit snugly in them, and she is able to stand unassisted in them.  I am thrilled!

Dasia joins the other ladies for a quick photo.

Meanwhile, Russell Williams has found Starlette (who is wearing Tracy Turnblad's dress). Russell is thrilled to have someone close to his size to hang out with. Whoa Russell! She just got here, take your time!

Starlette is a 17" doll made by Fibre Craft. Her head can move side to side. Her arms can move up and down. I don't plan to comb her hair much because it seems like it comes out really easily (she lost a small chunk of hair with me just running my fingers through it). She is a cheap plastic doll that I would have never bought if it weren't for Dasia and her needs. These types of dolls are sold in stores like Hobby Lobby (at least they used to be). I got mine on eBay. A very nice person on Facebook let me know about these dolls and that the shoes from the 15" dolls fit Dasia. I took my chances with the 17" doll for the undies.

Dasia wants Tracy Turnblad's dress back, but she (of course) also wants to keep the undies and shoes. She will get her wish.

Now my 2 Dasias can go out together in style!

 But what about Starlette? Well, Russell seems to like her (even if her head is on the large side), so she can stay. I don't collect this size doll so there's not much that I will do with her. Whenever I decide that I want to try repainting dolls, I'll probably start with this one. In the meantime, she needs something to wear. In the background, Russell is laughing and wishing her luck, because in the years that I've had Russell, I've never bought him anything, and he's been running around here all this time without pants and shoes. The sixth scale dolls get all the cool stuff! But Starlette is in luck: I have a pair of pants that work well as capris for her.

I had purchased this blouse as a dress for Dasia years ago, but Dasia doesn't mind if I give this to Starlette (the "dress" stained Dasia anyway).

Now Russell can relax and take his time to get to know Starlette. My sixth scale folks are wanting their furniture back, but they will let these two have it for a while. They are happy for Russell. He has seemed a bit lonely here, so this could be a good change for him. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hispanic/Latino Dolls and Action Figures

This is in response to D7ana's recent blog post featuring a list of Hispanic and Latino dolls and action figures. I have several dolls from her list.

Hispanic everGirl
High School Musical Gabriella
Shindana Disco Juanita
Mattel Kayla
Jakks Pacific Lola
BBi Perfect Body Hispanic
Triad Alpha Hispanic
Hot Toys TrueType 
Cuban American
Jakks Pacific Josie and the Pussycats Valerie

The dolls below did not make the list, but could they be?
Unknown Action Figure Guy
Mattel Prince Aidan
Dollar Store Guy
Mattel Mermaid 
(with Juku Couture Body)
Flavas Tika

GI Joe Helicopter Pilot

I'm pretty sure that this GI Joe Helicopter Pilot is. 

In my doll world, Kayla is Jenna's mother, so if Kayla is Hispanic, then so is Jenna. 

One final group shot.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pretty Lacy Frilly Things

Sometimes when shopping for one, the group benefits.  

When Janay arrived, she had a list of demands.  I will not comply with all (right away), but I thought that I could at least look around and see if I could find some pretty lacy frilly things for her.  I found the items below on eBay for $7.99.  That's $7.99 for all 6 ensembles!  Free shipping!

The seller describes these as handmade and 100% new.  The quality on these is good.  There are a few flaws here and there, but nothing substantial.  These fit normal sized fashion dolls really well, and are stretchy enough that Pregnant Midge can wear them, as demonstrated in my previous post.

The models are from left to right:  Dance 'n Flex Christie, Fashion Royalty Adele, Artsy Fashionista Barbie, Kenya body with Milan Barbie head, Jam 'n Glam Christie, and Janay.

All items have velcro closures in the back.

So I couldn't leave out my curvier ladies.  Previously, I did not have a bra that would fit my action figure ladies, so when I was shopping for a suit (that Zalika wore in a previous episode of Grown Folks Business), I chose one that came with a bra.

I bought some panties for my curvier ladies as well.  The suit came with stockings, also.

The suit has splits up both sides which expose the thigh, so the stockings above didn't look right with the suit.  I bought a different pair of stockings, but they don't fit quite right.  They look okay under a suit, though.

The ladies are all prepared to look cute under their clothes, sleep well in comfortable sleepwear, or whatever.

Late Night at the Sherwood Residence

Alan and Midge spend some quality time together.

Friday, October 3, 2014

DID Martin Luther King Jr

This is my review of the DID Martin Luther King, Jr. 1/6 scale figure.  Click on the photos to make them larger.

The boxes that the figure and podium come in are beautiful and I will be keeping them.  The photos below are of the front and the back of the box that the figure came in.

And here is the box that the podium came in.

The photos below are of the sides and tops of both boxes.

The photos below are of the interior of the figure box folded out and an insert.  The box art is extremely well done.

Here is the figure inside the box.  He comes with a Nobel Peace Prize, a pin, a Bible, a black hat, 3 spare hands (different poses), and a black overcoat.

Here he is out of the box.  His suit is very well made.  His jacket is lined and the pockets and buttons are real.  The pockets are also real on his pants.  He has a cloth handkerchief in his front left pocket of his jacket.  He has a leather belt and leather lace-up shoes with real laces.  He has a white shirt with cuff links.  He has a tie with a tie clip.  He has on black socks.  His pants and shirt have velcro closures.  The details on this figure are amazing.

Here is a close-up.  The likeness is not exact, but you know who he is supposed to be when you look at him.

His Bible is very nice and has printed pages.

His Nobel Peace Prize and the case that holds it are very nice.

His pin says "March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom".  You can actually pin it to his clothes.

His overcoat is lined and has real buttons.  His hat is also very nice.

Here's a height comparison with other figures.  They are from left to right:  Fashion Royalty Darius Reid, Hot Toys True Type, DID MLK, Enterbay President Palmer, and GI Joe Colin Powell.  He's about medium height for an action figure.  He "appears" to be stockier than most other action figures.

The podium is detailed and made of wood, and comes with seven microphones.  It plays the "I Have a Dream" speech.  I put one of the figure's spare hands on in the photo below.  The hands can be fairly easily switched.

There is some staining on his white shirt from the lining of his black jacket.

His long johns have a little extra padding.

I tried to remove his padded underwear to show his articulation, but the top would not go over his head and I'm not going to remove his head just so that I can get his top off.  In the photo below, he is borrowing Ken's boxer shorts.  He is a very well articulated figure.  His black socks have stained his feet.

There are places that sell a Special Version of this figure.  The Special Version has an open-mouthed head sculpt and wears a robe (and is much more expensive).

My overall impression is that this is a very well-made figure with great attention to detail.  Some of his accessories (his Bible and podium) will be useful to share with other dolls and action figures in my collection.  I'm a little disappointed that he doesn't resemble MLK more, but that may be favorable for me in the future if I want to use him as a different character.  But I am hesitant to play with him because of the cost of this figure.  I'm not a collector who typically buys figures and then stores them on a shelf.  This figure may be a shelf-sitting exception.

No he won't.  I like him too much.  I just have to play with him.  You'll be seeing him again.