Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Love Valentine's Day

Several years ago, my husband gave me a 2006 I love Valentine's Day Barbie as a Valentine's Day gift. I remember that I was absolutely thrilled to receive her. I think that this is the first doll that he ever purchased for me. After several more Barbie gifts from him, I asked him to stop buying dolls for me. 

She's been out of her box for years, but I saved her box. She came with a teddy bear key chain, a heart shaped purse, a ring (for me), and a hairbrush, all of which have remained attached inside the box. She also came with a cute pair of heart-shaped glasses that I can not locate at the moment. I'm sure they'll turn up when I'm looking for something else.

Back then, I briefly considered leaving her in her box, but decided against it because she did have some qualities that were unique to my collection. She is the only Barbie that I have with the "Hobbit" body.

She has been a single young woman for most of the time that she's been here. She did have a brief relationship with GI Joe (with her short stature, she and Joe looked cute together), but she was never as into him as he was into her.

She has caught the eye of one of my recent arrivals. Fashionistas Ken has arrived.

He has the all too familiar Jamal face, but in a lighter skin tone.

They have been getting to know one another for a couple of months, but Ken has decided to make his move on this special day. He shows up with gifts, ready to impress.

Barbie loves the roses!

Barbie acknowledges her gift with a huge hug. And hugs are not easy for this couple, because they both have straight arms that do not bend.

They can still be very expressive, though. Barbie has clicky knees that bend and allow her to sit. Ken has a slight bend in one of his legs and sits rather awkwardly. 

Since Ken has issues with sitting, they decide to get comfortable the best way that they can.

She can hear his heart racing.

Unfortunately, the back of Ken's head was attached to his packaging, which left 2 tiny holes and what looks like 2 small bald spots on the back of his head. Why oh why did the manufacturer do that? Fortunately, Barbie is too busy gazing into Ken's eyes to notice his baldness in the back.

Ken is relieved to see the huge smile on Barbie's face, and he knows that he has just moved himself out of the friend zone.

It's official, they're a couple!

 Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!