Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ripcord Rebodied

There have been times when I've been guilty of giving my husband selfish gifts.  For example, I have sometimes (on rare occasions) given him an action figure that I myself would enjoy.  That way, we both get a gift (and me twofold, since I get to give and receive).  My husband is not a collector, or at least he wasn't before he met me.

So a couple of years ago I bought a GI Joe Rise of Cobra Ripcord action figure "for my husband".  He was actually excited to get this gift.  I remember him opening the Toys R Us sack and exclaiming "Ripcord!".  I was glad that he liked his gift, and I was anxious for him to REALLY enjoy it by freeing Ripcord from his packaging.  Imagine my dismay when he told me that he was going to keep Ripcord in the package.  I tried to convince him otherwise, but his mind was made up.  So all this time, Ripcord has been displayed in the toy room with the other boxed figures, ready for action but receiving none.

For the past couple of weeks, I've really dived back into this hobby (have you noticed?) and I've been eyeballing Ripcord and wanting to release him from his plastic and cardboard prison.  I asked my husband about opening Ripcord and his answer was still no.  So what's a girl to do?  I bought a loose Ripcord on eBay for cheap.  He's been played with and doesn't have all of his gear, but he will do the trick.

He wasn't here a full day before I popped his head off and put him on another body.  Ahhhhhhhhhh, I feel much better now!  I call him Marlon.  A spare Dennis Rodman head is currently occupying the spare Ripcord body.  Here are Marlon and Dennis posing with my husband's Ripcord, still safely in his package and no longer a temptation to me.


He's a pretty good looking guy.

The Alphas think so, too.

So I have learned my lesson.  I no longer buy action figures for my husband that I really want for myself, and I no longer buy him gifts that I may be tempted to use for purposes other than what he wants.  Thank you Ripcord for helping me to learn and to grow.  LOL!


  1. I love Marlon's new body. Now I want to de-card my Ripcord and give him a new body. How difficult was it to reattach the head to the new body and what type body did you use?


  2. Thanks Debbie! It was really easy to reattach his head to the new body. I used a blow dryer to soften the plastic of his head before removal, and the head came off without much difficulty. I wrapped tape around the neck post of the donor body, and the head went right on and stays on. I'm not positive about the identity of the donor body, but I'm pretty sure that it was Martial Arts Morpheus. Marlon's neck is thicker than his new body's neck, and there's a bit of a skin tone difference, so he'll have to stick to wearing shirts with high collars.

  3. Congratulations on getting a Ripcord for you. The way your Ripcord is posed, looks like he agrees that you learned a lesson.

  4. Hi, I understand about the "collecting" thing, my husband was the one who actually put the fire on me about Barbie (i always enjoyed, but never though about collecting), he comes from a collector's family, so now I'm "acceptable" of his passion, i understand more about his love for comics, TMNT and everything else on this heroes/comic word.
    Great job with the Action Figure!It proves that G.I can also be a gentleman :-)

  5. Thank you, Barbiecafe! I'm glad that you and your husband can now share the joys of collecting together. My husband thinks that I should keep my dolls in boxes. No thanks! I want to play with most of my figures. He can keep his in boxes. Every now and then, I will listen to him and keep a certain figure in the box (but not very often).

  6. General Colin Powell is still in the box at my house too! My husband like him in the box. Some of his others(2) are on a shelf and "check this out" get changed from their summer uniforms to the winter uniforms but not played with.

    Your Ripcord is very handsome and the center of attention! I transpanted the head of my guy about a year ago. I'm glad I did it. He is much happier on his new body too! Suprisingly, I just sold his body.

  7. Thank you, Ms. Leo! That makes me smile that your husband changes his figures' clothing with the seasons. My husband used to tease me about that when we were first dating. Your Ripcord looked good on his new body! You sold his original body?

  8. Whenever a GI Joe gets dressed up, I refer to him as a GQ Joe...!