Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Phicen Seamless "Hindu" Body

Here are photos of a Phicen figure that I purchased last year.  She has the Brown (or "Hindu") skin tone.  Phicen will be releasing more bodies with this same skin tone later this year, in a small bust version and a large bust version.  From what I can see in the photos of the new releases, there have been quite a bit of improvements made over this figure pictured below.


  1. Congratulations on having a new body type and size. Wow does she look um full-figured compared to the Barbies. She has an interesting complexion. I like best the last two photos because they aren't ones you can usually get a Barbie doll into.

    BTW, do you like the seamless bodies? Are they like Gumby or much nicer? (A snoopy mind wants to know ;-D)

  2. Thank you, Dana! She IS full figured compared to Barbie. I like her. She has an articulated plastic "skeleton" under her rubber skin. I'm a little apprehensive about posing her, though, because she has loud clicking joints and I'm afraid of breaking something. She is much nicer than a Gumby body. Soon I will post photos of this figure compared to a Gumby-bodied Barbie.