Monday, March 12, 2012

He Needed It More

My Hot Toys TrueType Slim AA figure (or Terrence, as I like to call him) needed the Ken fashion pack more than Steven.

The clothes and the shoes are tight, but I don't mind.

Here's a group shot of some of my action guys.


  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of all the guys. You have some nice ones there. It was nice to see them all together so I could see which guys had the really small heads. I really must seek out that Billy Dee Williams figure!

  2. Thank you, Vanessa! I had fun posing these guys together. :)

  3. I love group shots! Thanks for sharing. I see some guys I have too, but also some I don't so it's fun to peep ;-D

  4. Thanks Dana! I enjoy peeping at other people's group shots as well, to expand my ever increasing wish list. :)