Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alpha Skin Tone Comparisons

I am so pleased with the Triad Alpha figures that I'm planning on buying more Alpha bodies (African and Hispanic).  These figures come in small, medium, and large bust versions.  I want to get a couple of small bust figures.  The figures pictured below are medium bust.  I grabbed a few dolls with similar skin tones to get an idea of which dolls may get a new body.

 I think that my On Location: Milan Barbie will get a new body.  She's been stuck on the model muse body for long enough.

 Close, but no cigar.  I'm not sure which doll I will use for the Hispanic Alpha (none of these).

I even contemplated de-boxing my Princess of South Africa doll, but she is a little too dark for the African Alpha body.

I REALLY wanted to de-box my Venus and Serena dolls to place them on Alpha bodies!  But they are little too light for the African Alpha body.

OMGoodness I have good news!!!  Triad will be releasing more ethnic head sculpts for the Alphas!  Check out the forum on the Triad website - Louie posted a photo of an AA PVC head that is in the works.  I.CAN'T.WAIT!


  1. Hello from Spain: I see you have a very varied collection of dolls and original. I like tennis players sisters. I also like to see the Barbie type dolls in some bodies more real to people. I look forward to more pictures. Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks for sharing the good news about the new AA head sculpts. I like the features (she's undeniably AA), but she still has a rather masculine look.


  3. You're welcome, Debbie! Hopefully the AA sculpt will look more feminine once she's finished and painted.

  4. Thanks, Roxanne. I'd wondered about a new body for On Location: Milan Barbie. So the Triad African Alpha body will do? Cool.

  5. You're welcome, Dana! Yes, the African Alpha is a pretty close match for Milan Barbie.

  6. Hi RoxanneRoxanne--

    Quick question that you might be able to help me with...
    Do you know if either the TTL or any of the alphas (or any other action figure body) will match the skintone for the Kwanzaa Barbie?
    I have her and I so desperately want her to have a more articulated body!

    1. Hi corsetkitten! I don't have the Kwanzaa Barbie (though she is on my want list), so I can only judge by the photos that I've seen. I don't think that the TTL or Alpha bodies would be a good match for her. I'm posting a comparison photo below. In most of the photos, Kwanzaa Barbie looks similar in skin tone to the HT TT Slim figure, so he's in there just for comparison's sake.

      Click here to see the comparison photo.

      Of the dolls and action figures that I have, I think that Fashion Royalty Adele would be the closest match. She's not an action figure, but she has more articulation than Barbie. She is the one that the HT figure is holding in the photo above. Also, there are some Liv Alexis dolls with darker skin that look like they may be a good match for Kwanzaa Barbie (like the Queen of Hearts Alexis). Here is a link to a photo of one of my Barbie heads on a Liv Alexis body (this is one of the lighter skinned bodies).

      I hope that you're able to find a body that you love soon. Kwanzaa Barbie is a beautiful doll!