Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Little Something Extra

As I mentioned in my Phicen and Jiaou Doll posts, some companies are taking doll realism to the next level. The "something extra" that I am referring to in the title of this post is genital details. If the subject of human body parts or the mere thought of plastic genitalia makes you feel uncomfortable, please skip this post.

First up, here's my Tyson Billy doll. I've returned him to his original packaging for the photo below, but he's been out and proud for years. Tyson was my first anatomically complete doll.

Billy was advertised as "The World's First Out and Proud Gay Doll", and his friend Tyson is just as out, proud, and gay as Billy. Here's Tyson posing with the back of his packaging.

Here's a look at Tyson's well-defined upper body. His lower body is also well defined. Tyson would object to me including him in a post called "A Little Something Extra" because he has a lotta something extra, so much so that it's nearly impossible to dress him in anything other than the baseball uniform that he wore upon his arrival. Tyson is extremely limited in articulation. His arms and legs move forward and back, and his head is stationary on his neck. He's a great looking doll, though.

My next anatomically complete doll was the WorldBox AT-004 action figure that I purchased last year. I wanted this doll because he's fully articulated and his package will fit inside normal action figure clothing.

Here's a closer look. He resembles actor Lennie James, who portrays the character Morgan Jones on the television show The Walking Dead. This figure has some very nice details.

He looks great in action figure clothing. You can't tell from looking at him in the outfit below that he has a little something extra. There is limited articulation in his arms and elbows, and he has double jointed knees. He poses well, he's heavy, and he's very sturdy.

And here is my most recently purchased doll with a penis - the WorldBox AT-006 action figure. 

His body is pretty much the same as the AT-004 figure. His head sculpt is different.

Here's a closer look. He resembles the fictional character Franklin Clinton from the video game Grand Theft Auto.

He poses and balances very well, even while holding Madam LaVinia.

Here are Morgan and Franklin together. I had previously named the AT-004 figure Lennie after the actor, but I've decided to change his name to Morgan, just in case Michonne comes to join my collection later this year (Michonne's pets will NOT be coming here). 

So here's a group shot of some of my dolls that have a little more than typical dolls.

I have an account on Flickr with a private, restricted album that has nude photos of these dolls and others. I will share the link here, but please, if you are easily offended or if you are a child, do not click here. If I happen to get any other dolls in the future with special details, I will add them to that restricted folder also.


  1. Very interesting post! I have more than a few anatomically correct figures. I don't know if you plan on getting any of the Phicen males, but they have a variety of "something extra" parts. I think the AT-006 figure from World Box resembles the actor David Harewood who portrays J'onn J'onzz on the Supergirl series. I happen to own him also.

    1. Thanks Phyllis! I do plan on getting one of the Phicen males - the Asian male is on his way. I don't know if that one comes with the penises. I've seen the dolls of other Phicen collectors and I've seen the Phicen penises in their various states.

      I can see a very slight resemblance between the AT-006 figure and the actor David Harewood.

  2. These are all nice, Roxanne. At one time I wanted Tyson, but refused to pay the asking price on the secondary market. All my males are without genitalia, but the females don't mind since there is nothing they would be able to do with the "something extra" anyway.

    Enjoy the realism.


    1. Thanks Debbie! I was able to get Tyson before his price skyrocketed on the secondary market. All of the "something extras" on both my male and female dolls are for aesthetics only, and they can't do anything more than my other dolls and action figures. If a company were to make interlocking genitalia for male/female dolls (why am I picturing Legos here), I'm guessing it would be Phicen. They seem to be pushing the boundaries with the realism in their most recent figures.

    2. This made me laugh, I sure hope they don't!

    3. Hi AG Lanc! It would be interesting, to say the least.

  3. That is a nice collection of dolls with 'something extra.'

  4. Thanks for sharing these new male faces and the "extras" some dolls and action figures have.

    I don't hold having "extra" parts and/or "jumbo" parts against a doll (pause as I realize how ghastly that sounds, lol). Sometimes, super-sized males and females make me laugh. Like somebody's trying too hard.

    I prefer some distinction between male and female bodies. A "boy bump" or molded undies will do - prefer the former to the latter. For clothing aesthetics mostly. Any sexy scenes between my DAFs occurs when my back is turned. Shrug.

    (I always feel sorry when I think about Skipper's early friend, Ricky. He had the same body as she. But those were different days.)

    I'm going to view your restricted doll photos later. I'll get back with feedback. I am curious ;-)

    1. D7ana you make me laugh! I do prefer that my male dolls have a boy bump, also. My Skipper's boyfriend is Kevin, and thankfully he does not have the same body as she. I don't think he has a bump, but otherwise his body is distinctively male. Some of my grown-up dolls and action figures have gotten a bit friendly in front of me. Not these dolls, but some of my others (I'm looking in Palmer and Zalika's general direction...).