Saturday, April 1, 2017

Phicen Stainless Steel Skeleton Seamless Figures

It's been years since Phicen released their first seamless action figures with stainless steel skeletons to rave reviews, and since then I've been patiently waiting for them to release one in brown. I mean after all, in their first 2 releases, they included brown dolls (and called them "Hindu"). Last year, I thought that I was about to get my wish when Phicen released their Eartha Kitt Catwoman figure, but alas, that one had the old easily breakable plastic skeleton, so I did not waste my money on that (but I do want her head).

For years, I've been watching my doll collecting friends with their new and improved Phicens, viewing their wonderful photos, seeing them rave about the posability of these figures, and wishing to join in on the fun. So, I got tired of waiting. I decided that I would get a stainless steel skeletoned body for my Phicen "Jinx" figure, since I've been afraid to pose her with her brittle plastic skeleton. The hunt was on for the right body.

The first body that I tried was a S02A Mid Bust Suntan body (the figure on the left in the photo below). I was disappointed to see that it was not a close enough skin tone match for my Jinx.

But other than that, WOW! I was truly impressed, and joined others in raving about this body! It is beautiful, sturdy, and poses so easily! Her silicon "skin" is just as soft as the Jinx figure's skin. When faced with the decision of whether or not to return this body and try to find something else, the choice was easy. I was going to keep this body! I would try to find another head for her.

A wonderful and very generous friend of mine who's also a collector purchased the PLLB2014-S08 Large Bust Tan figure for me (the figure on the right in the photo below). My friend touched my heart with his generosity, and this doll will always hold a special place in my collection, and I cherish this gift so much! However, she also is not a close enough skin tone match to my Jinx.

That's okay, because I love her just as she is! Compared to the Suntan body, she has more shading, and she also has genital detailing. She has the distinction of being my first ever doll or action figure to have a butt hole. Yes, Phicen has truly taken realism to a new level.

I purchased a knock-off Sucker Punch Babydoll head. It's nearly a perfect skin tone match for the suntan body, and I'm extremely pleased. But the head rested low on the Phicen neck, and her neck looked a little short for my taste.

The head came with the neck adapter shown below.

I added some double-sided tape to the neck adapter so that the head would sit up a little higher on the neck.

And now, Babydoll's head rests all the way at the top of the Phicen neck.

She is a beautiful doll! Both of my stainless Phicen ladies are gorgeous! And so is Jinx, who is still hoping to get a stainless steel seamless body one day.

When posing these figures, their bodies move so smoothly and effortlessly, and they hold their poses very well. And they look very natural. I would have to say that they look more natural in their poses than any other dolls or action figures that I've seen. They are not perfect, but they do look very natural.

These stainless bodies of mine can not stand on their own. Their feet do adjust to shoes with various sized heels, and I have not been able to get them to stand in any shoes. The newer batch of Phicens have detachable feet and can stand on their own.

And here are all of my Phicen ladies together. My two older broken plastic skeleton figures with the rubbery skin have joined the party. Please Phicen (or someone) make some seamless figures with stainless steel skeletons in darker skin tones! I know you can do it.

Overall, I love love LOVE these figures! These dolls with the stainless steel skeletons are a game changer, in my opinion. These figures do have soft skin, which has it's drawbacks. The skin can rip and become worn. But aesthetically, these dolls are superior to other articulated dolls and action figures on the market.


  1. Yay! I am glad you have jumped on that bandwagon and gotten some of the new SS bodies. I have quite a few now. Jinx isn't all that dark skinned, so I am sad to see that the dark tan doesn't work for her. I also have some of the hunky male Phicen bodies and all I can say is wow!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis! I see that at least 2 other companies are giving Phicen a run for their money in the seamless doll arena. I'm watching very closely, and the companies that give me the darker skinned dolls that I desire will get my money. I am very close to buying a male seamless doll. My collection needs some Asian males.

    2. Oh, oh, oh go check this out on ebay!

      If you copy and paste it, it does work. I didn't realize at first that these were Stainless Steel skeletons because of the plastic neck knob, but it appears that the are. They have rubber skin and the Phicen are Silicone, so I don't know how that compares. I was just impressed with all of the different skin tones!

    3. Thank you for the link, Phyllis! As you've seen, I've already purchased a Jiaou doll, and anyone hoping that these figures are a good choice for their AA dolls need not waste their money. By the way, I purchased the Asian male Phicen seamless body. Can't wait until he gets here! :)

  2. Fascinating post! This is really my introduction to Phicen dolls. Your blog has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Your "large and lovely" comparison was really inspirational and I now have a Tracy Turnblatt doll and am expecting the 20th anniversary Dasia to arrive any time now. It's really important to me that my dolls reflect human diversity including diversity in body size and shape. I'm so thankful for bloggers like you who have inspired me to do a bit of experimentation - head swaps, boil perms, and the like. My dolls thank you as well! ;-)

    1. Tracy Turnblad, I mean. I love to misspell her name. Anyway, her new name is Nicole Bernstein. :-)

    2. Thank you Wendy! I really appreciate your comments. I'm glad that you're having fun with your dolls. It sounds like you have a great collection. :)

  3. Sadly I broke my Hindi's arm at the shoulder first time I dressed her. I had another dark head that goes well with her body. I was not impressed with the wild woman stock head.
    I have a dark Jiaou body ordered for her so we will see.
    Phicen needs to embrace diversity.

    1. My two older Phicens broke so very easily, even though I was being careful with them. I have a "brown" Jiaou doll body, and it is extremely pale. It is not at all brown. So I'm still waiting for a company to make some dark skinned stainless seamless bodies. I'm hoping to receive some great news in December.