Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calista's Diary Entry - Drama Queen

Dear Diary,

Last Friday it was announced that Skipper was voted as our Homecoming Queen. I'm happy for her. She was busy most of the weekend shopping for things that she would need this week for the various events. We finally got a chance to talk.

She told me that she felt that I had placed her in a bad position when she was planning her slumber party because she had to choose between me and the twins Hadley and Isla, and she has been friends with them longer. So she invited them, and then we they couldn't come she invited me. She actually started crying, saying that it's so hard to know the right thing to do sometimes, that it seems like even when you think you know, things turn out wrong. I felt really bad when she cried but she told me that she was okay, that she cries a lot more easily these days. She said that her mom tells her it's because of hormones.

We came to the conclusion that whenever we're planning something, we should invite everyone so that no one feels left out, and that we should just do the best that we can to encourage all of our friends to get along.

Skipper showed me the dress that she is wearing to the Homecoming Dance. I think that it's pretty, but a little old-fashioned.

Skipper asked me what I was wearing to the dance and I told her that I'm not going. I started rattling on and on about how Bob had not asked me and how I didn't know why because I thought he liked me and how I had tried to give him hints but that didn't work and how I tried to build up my nerve to ask him and how I was going to ask him after church on Sunday but I lost my nerve. Skipper said "He wouldn't have said yes anyway." I said "Why would you say such a thing?" She hesitated, then said "Because he's going to the dance with Hadley." I said "What?!!" She told me that Hadley asked Bob to go last week and he said yes.

My eyes filled up with tears and I got up to leave. Skipper asked "Calista are you okay?" and I said "Your hormones must be contagious!".


  1. Oh poor Calista! "Catching" hormones ;-)

    I wonder if Bob accepted Hadley's invitation because he heard that Calista had a date already. Hmmm ....

  2. OMG! And to think I thought Bob was a nice guy! How could he do this to Calista. She should go and be dressed to the nines, that will show him! Humph! Men!!

  3. WHAT!!!!! How dare Bob do this??? I am not happy with him at all. LOL!