Saturday, November 14, 2009

Calista's Diary Entry - The Dance

Dear Diary,

Kana has been sick with the flu. Thursday after school she called me and asked me to do her a big favor. She asked me if I would go to the Homecoming Dance with Dave since she would not be able to make it. I said no at first. She said "Please Calista, I'm too sick to beg. Dave has already bought his suit and everything!" I said "Dave is wearing a suit? I've got to see this!". So I asked my parents if I could go. They said that since they know Dave's parents from church and since this is a chaperoned event, I could go. So I called Kana and let her know. She said "Do me one more favor okay?" so I said "What?" She said "Have fun. Have fun enough for the both of us!"

So then I had to figure out what I was going to wear. My mom told me that she has a dress that might look good on me. She brought the dress out and I fell in love with it. She said that the dress is probably a little mature for me, but I didn't think so. When I put it on, I felt like a movie star! My mom had to make some alterations to the dress, but that didn't take long.

Friday night my mom helped me with my hair and my nails, and I put on my dress and it fit perfectly. I felt so pretty! When Dave came to the door to pick me up, his jaw dropped. Dave's dad drove us to the dance and picked us up afterwards.

When Mikey saw us at the dance, he said to Dave "I thought you were bringing Kana?" and Dave said "You know she's been sick" and Mikey said "So you two coming here together was a last minute thing?" and Dave said "Yes." Mikey turned to me and said "Calista it's a good thing that you're not wearing pants because they would have burst into flames." Nobody laughed. I don't think that they got it but I got it. Mikey was calling me a liar right to my face. I wasn't about to let him ruin my night though, so I just ignored him.

I thought that Dave looked kind of cute in his suit.

Skipper looked amazing and made a great Homecoming Queen.

Bob was looking quite cozy with Hadley and Isla.

Bob even danced with Skipper.

I tried not to focus too much on him though. I just wanted to enjoy myself with my friends.

Something pretty major happened at the dance last night. I'll write about that later.


  1. Wow, Calista looks older in that dress. Very sophisticated. But still a teenager ;-)

    I hope Kana doesn't get mad after she sees the photos.

    Nice to see the young people having formal fun.

  2. I'm glad Calista was able to go to the dance and have a good time.

  3. They all had a really great time. I can just tell! LOL

  4. It looks like they had a great time!

  5. Oh wow, I can't wait to see what happened!! Love love love the story!!