Sunday, November 1, 2009

Calista's Diary Entry - Babysitting Horror

Dear Diary,

Saturday night, there was a big Halloween party for adults and some of them needed babysitters. So Kana, Layla, and I decided to babysit together and split the money.

Since it was Halloween, we decided to let the kids watch scary movies. The scariest one was about a big purple dinosaur who preys on young children. I will have nightmares about that one! **shudders**

After that, we gave them snacks. We let them eat some Halloween candy, cookies, soda pop, etc. It was a challenge getting them all fed, but Little Janet was a big helper to us.

The children became a bit unruly! They were running around and jumping on the furniture. Finally we got them to calm down and we gave them some activities. We drew, played games like Musical Chairs, etc.

Eventually the young ones fell asleep. Me and my friends sat around talking after that. At one point my cell phone fell out of my purse and Layla grabbed it. She pretended to talk on the phone, saying "Hello? Hello?... Okay, just a moment." Then she handed the phone to me and said "Calista, 1999 is on the phone and they want their cell phone back." Kana and Layla giggled but I didn't think it was very funny. I hope that I get a new cell phone for Christmas.

A couple of the children woke up, so Layla played a video of one of her performances at school for us all to watch. That put them right back to sleep. LOL! I saw myself in the audience!


  1. I'm with Calista about the scary purple dragon (eeewww Barney alert LOL) and her reaction to Layla's video. Layla doesn't seem nice. But then, all girls aren't ;-D

    I like the YouTube insert. A little hard to make out Layla's singing, but I think that's a neat addition to your blog.

  2. Thank you Dana! My husband has been encouraging me to make a video of my dolls. For Halloween, he wanted me to make The Exorcist as a video using stop motion photography to show the head spin. I found out very quickly that I don't have the patience for that right now. LOL!

    I told my husband that I finally made my first doll video and that it sucks. He told me that it's supposed to suck, it's my first one. He said that this is my jumping off point and that I can only get better from here, and that if I had made a great video I'd have no room for improvement. Well we'll see. :D

  3. Well I showed my husband the video and he said that it was great. So now I feel better that my video is better than I thought, but bummed that there will be no improvement from here. LOL!

  4. I loved both the story and the video. They are so entertaining!