Friday, November 6, 2009

Calista's Diary Entry - Awkward Moments

Dear Diary,

Today we had a substitute teacher. We were supposed to review Chapter 7 but Mikey told the substitute that Mr. Smith always lets us read on our own and talk about the chapter amongst ourselves on review day (which is not true). The substitute believed Mikey, so we basically talked and played around all during class. Mikey misbehaved a little.

Kana and Briana Joy have been telling me that I need to ask Bob to the dance. They say maybe he's too shy to ask me. I don't know, he wasn't too shy to write me that note a while back. They say I need to go ahead and ask because the dance is a week from Friday! I didn't want to ask him; I felt that he should be the one to ask me. Kana kept leaning back and whispering "Ask him! Ask him!" So I decided to just drop a few hints to Bob. I said "Sooooooo, the big Homecoming Dance is next week..." and he said "Yep." I said "You know, girls have a lot to do to prepare for a dance like this, so they really need to make plans in advance..." and he said "I imagine so." And he turned around and started reading his book. I don't understand him!

I saw Mikey coming my way and I had this feeling of dread because I just knew that he was coming to crack jokes about me. I was surprised when he stopped at Layla's desk and ignored me completely. He said "What's up Looooooooong Legged Layla!" Layla giggled and said "Mikey why do you always have to comment on my legs every time you see me?" Mikey said "I don't know. I guess because your legs are the first thing that I notice about you. And I notice because I like your legs." Then Layla let out this high pitched giggle and I felt my stomach turn. I was so ready for class to be over.

I saw Skipper in the hallway and I tried to go the other way but she started calling my name. She told me that we need to talk and asked me why I have been avoiding her. I told her that I wasn't doing it on purpose and she said "Come on! You don't even reply to the text messages that I send to you!" I tried to think of what to say. She said "Calista I thought that we were friends!" I said "I thought so too!" and she said "Well this isn't a very nice way to treat a friend!" So I told her "Okay, let's talk, but not now. We can talk for as long as we need to. I promise!" She said "Okay." As she was walking away, I told her "By the way, I've been meaning to tell you congratulations on being nominated as Homecoming Queen." She said "Thanks." and kept walking.


  1. The classroom play set looks familiar. But what about the lockers? Did they have a play set for that, too? :)

  2. I love Calista and her stories. Where did you find the props?

  3. Hi Niel, the lockers are just a picture on my computer monitor. :) There is one big locker in the classroom; it's barely visible on the left side of the first picture beside the teacher.

    Debbie, thank you! All of the props were found on eBay. I think that this was a play set for Stacie and friends, but they fit the older kids too.

  4. Love the school setting.

    I think I know why Bob's so quiet about the dance. Troublemaking Mikey. Calista's lie. Uh oh.

  5. Uh oh! I feel a fight is about to start between Layla and Calista. LOL!! I really do like Calista's hair that way. I can't wait for the next story to find out what's going to happen.

  6. Hmmm this gets curiouser and curiouser!