Friday, April 13, 2018

Leontyne Grace

Leontyne Grace is the 2018 WLBDA club doll by artist Frantz Brent-Harris. She is my second doll made by this artist (my first was Martini Beach Monica). Check out this post by Black Doll Enthusiast for a great review of Leontyne Grace.

Here is my video review of the doll.

I was thrilled when WLBDA chose artist Frantz Brent-Harris to create the 2018 club doll, and I jumped at the chance to own another doll by this artist. Leontyne Grace is a beautiful curvy fashion doll.

She came with a doll stand, but can also stand on her own in her shoes.

Leontyne Grace is very similar to my Monica doll, but there are some differences between the two. A major difference is that while Monica used strong earth magnets to attach her head and legs, Leontyne Grace is stringed.

Leontyne Grace has the standard 5 points of articulation. Her elbows and knees do not bend, which makes it a bit difficult for her to sit.

She can still strike a fierce pose, though.

Monica quickly made new friends here, and Anthony Julian offered to help Monica have a seat.

On this special occasion, I deboxed my The Look Barbie. Here is how Leontyne Grace measures up against a curvy Barbie.

 Here are some photos of Leontyne Grace with other friends that she's made here.

My overall impression is that Leontyne Grace is a beautiful, high-quality, and highly collectible doll. She has a gorgeous face and a lovely full figure. Her dress, wig, and accessories are all high quality as well. She is a sturdy resin doll that while collectible, can withstand some posing and doll play. I am thrilled to have this beautiful doll in my collection. 
Sneak peek at a figure that I will be reviewing soon.


  1. Leontyne Grace and Monica VERY nice! I thoroughly enjoyed the video. The comparisons are great also! I liked her in the wig that Mammy has on. It looks great on them both.

    1. Thank you Georgia Girl! I am loving Leontyne Grace and Monica both. My small collection of doll wigs is growing. I wish that all of my wigs were the same quality as Leontyne Grace's wig. Her wig is so light and stretchy and really fits her head, but can fit on dolls with smaller heads also.

  2. I again enjoyed your video review of Leontyne Grace and I enjoyed this post. Seeing her settled in with new friends was fun. I hope you will continue to enjoy her.

    Question: Would you have preferred the use of earth magnets for Leontyne Grace over stringing?


    1. Thanks Debbie! No, I prefer the stringing. Leontyne Grace is able to tilt her head, and she stands and sits more easily than Monica. If you notice in the videos (both Leontyne Grace's and Monica's), Monica tends to lean forward and I have to keep pushing her torso back. I like the concept of having magnets for the heads to make them easily swappable if the doll comes with more than one head. For the legs, though, the magnet legs come off far too easily. Maybe for someone who doesn't pose their dolls a lot who wants the option of different feet/legs, the magnet legs would be a good choice.

  3. Great video, Leontyne looks gorgeous with the other wigs as well! Her dress is also very nice. Congratulations with this beauty!

  4. Leontyne is a beautiful doll. Love your video review of her. There are some other wigs out there that are a little bigger than Barbie wigs that might work for her. I bought a couple and used one on my Dena doll as she had very brittle hair than basically fell out. Here she is in her wig:

    1. Thanks Phyllis! Your Dena looked lovely in that wig!