Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

So I've finally started my blog! Woohoo! Time to celebrate!

I'm Roxanne and I've been a doll collector as an adult for 20 years now. I had dolls as a child, but unfortunately none of my childhood dolls made it into adulthood with me. This was mainly because of my brother, niece, and nephew, who were extremely rough with my toys. Also my mother would donate my toys to charity from time to time. And sometimes I just played with my own toys a little too roughly.

My collection began when I purchased a Barbie in 1989 at the age of 19. At first, I only added maybe 1 doll every year or two. But in 1998, I started ordering dolls from the internet and my collection grew by leaps and bounds. I am now at a point where I have begun to slow down with adding new dolls to my collection (I think). My collection consists mostly of 1/6 scale dolls and action figures, and most of them are Black.

The purpose of this blog is to show photographs of my dolls in the sometimes humorous situations that they find themselves in, to show the progress that I make on my projects, and to talk about dolls and doll-related issues.

Now, back to the celebration!


  1. Looks like your crew is having a ball!

    Great to see your blog up. I'm looking forward to following it.

  2. Thanks Dana! Yes the crew is having a blast. They seem to always have something going on. :)