Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big-headed Dolls of the World, Unite!


  1. Big-headed dolls look good together, especially when there are no normal-headed dolls near. :)
    I usually don't buy big-headed dolls, but still I have two Lady Lovelylocks dolls, two Royal Nursery dolls, several Takara little kids and some other little funny dolls with big heads. But it seems to me that I don't have any black big-headed dolls. I have to fix this. :-D
    Really I like Mattel Lady Lovelylocks dolls and Peppermint Rose dolls, especially the black ones. I think they could be very good as sisters (not only the black dolls, but all dolls from those two lines, which have the same eye and hair color). I never saw any photos showing them together. It looks like I have to fix this also. :-D

  2. Ahhh!!! The big-headed crew united! They look great together.

  3. Thanks so much Alison and Dana!

    Dukasha, I am not crazy about big-headed dolls in general, but they keep finding their way into my collection. :) My most recent buy is Bratz Party Sasha, who I just had to get because of her articulation. I'd like to see pics of your big-headed crew.

  4. Yes, big-headed dolls somehow find the way to the collection, even when you are not going to buy them at all. :) It is difficult to buy the first one and then it becomes easier and easier. :D But still I like the normal-headed dolls more and usually buy them first. Maybe when I have all normal-headed Stacie sized and Skipper sized dolls I want, I will start buying Lady Lovelylocks and Peppermint Rose dolls... I don't think I ever buy a Bratz doll, but those LLL and PR Mattel dolls are something like the big-headed Stacies and Skippers for me. :)
    As for the big-headed dolls I have at the moment they are not black, so they are not so interesting for you. :) And most part of them are little kids. Two LLL dolls are the biggest. Sometimes I think if I should post the caucasian dolls photos on Flickr also. I have many of them, but I like the black dolls more and want to be known as the black dolls collector first of all. :D I also thought of keeping a blog in English to talk with english-speaking doll-collectors, but it would look rather funny, for English is not my first language and I'm not very good at it.

  5. Dukasha, I think that you write in English quite well and I do not have a problem understanding you at all. If you want to create and blog in English, go for it! It will not look funny at all. I will follow your blog. :) I'd also like to see pictures of your Caucasian dolls if you decide that you want to post them on Flickr.

  6. Thank you, RoxanneRoxanne. :) If my English is not understandable I would never have such ideas at all, but I think it's not enough. At the other hand the only way to become really good at foreign language is practice...
    Well, I'll think about it.