Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Calista’s Diary Entry – Relationship Guru

Dear Diary,

I was hanging out with Skipper watching The Opal Show and I made the comment that I need to go on Opal and maybe she could help me. Skipper asked me what I need help with, and I told her never mind. She said "Seriously, is it about boys? Because I can help with that. I've had 2 boyfriends!" I thought about it, and Skipper has had more boyfriends than me, Kana, Briana Joy, and Janet put together (umm, we've all had zero) so I decided to ask Skipper's opinion.

I asked "How can I tell if a boy really likes me?" Skipper said "Who Bob? Of COURSE he likes you!" I asked her how I could really be sure, because he seems to be content with remaining just friends. She told me that maybe he already thinks that I'm his girlfriend. I was very confused by this statement, and she explained "Well, with Scott, he ASKED me to be his girlfriend. With Kevin, he just started referring to me as his girlfriend, and he would introduce me that way. That's how I knew."

I just kept thinking about what Skipper said. What if me and Bob have already been a couple, and I never even knew it?

Later I went to the park where Bob was playing ball with some of his friends. I stood there and watched for a while and finally Bob came over and asked me what's up. I told him that I wanted him to introduce me to his new friend. He said "Deon? But he's been at our school for a week now, and he's in some of our classes." I told him that we were never formally introduced. So Bob called Deon over and said "Calista, this is Deon. Deon, this is Calista." Deon stood there with a confused look on his face, and I waved and said hello. He said "Hi" and just stood there, and then there was a horrible awkward silence. I said "Well I have to go. Bye!" and I walked away FAST. Bob called my name and I looked over my shoulder and he said "I'll see you later, ok?" I said "Ok." Dylan asked me where was my friend Janet and I just shrugged my shoulders and kept walking.

So now I know for sure that Bob doesn't think I'm his girlfriend. Or does he? I don't know. I'm even more confused than ever now, and I feel a bit silly.


  1. Counselor Skipper? Poor Bob! LOL I feel sorry for some guys after reading/seeing this story. They haven't a clue how their actions are "interpreted."

    Poor Calista, too. So young and wanting to be sooo grown up.

    Thanks for this new installment ;-D

  2. Thanks Dana! I'm sure that Bob hasn't given the incident a second thought and is just enjoying the here and now. Calista needs to chill. LOL!