Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

The boys decided to pose for photos.

Todd and Little Dylan are newly deboxed and ready to play! Todd is especially happy since he spent a number of years in the box.

Ok, some of my "boys" are experiencing a second childhood. :) They are not really boys, but their short stature makes them suitable fill-ins.

Bob and Dave in uniform.


  1. Aw, they're cute. Glad to see some guys. They can be young and adorable ;-D

  2. "They are not really boys" - is that the reason for some of them not to look straight in the camera? :)
    When I look at your photos I always think about making my own photos, but I'm afraid I have too many boys to make them pose together. :)

  3. Dana, thank you! I don't think that they mind being adorable. LOL

    Dukasha, yes that is the reason why some of them are hiding their faces. They do not want you to see wrinkles and facial hair. :) Your collection of boys sounds very impressive! Please take pics! I do not mind if they will not all fit on one photo. :)

    1. Quick question the tallest one with the camo shirt how do u find him so I can buy him

    2. The tallest one with the camo shirt how do u find him so I can buy him

    3. Hi Flamin Taty, that's a My Scene Sutton doll. I purchased him on eBay.

  4. Oh, wrinkles and facial hair - it's really serious for boys. :)
    You see, sometimes I tell myself: I should take all my Stacie sized kids (or Skipper sized, or Teen Skipper sized, or Kelly sized, or boys, or girls, or black dolls, or somebody else) and make a common picture of them. But then I think: I'm waiting for this and that doll to arrive and going to buy this and that doll afterwards. It's more logical to make common pics when they are here. And when they are here I'm waiting for somebody else already and don't make pics again. :)
    Well, I have many boys but I can't say that most of them are black. I like and collect black kids and teens more than any other types of dolls, but I like caucasian kids also and you know that usually most of the dolls are caucasian in all types and lines. Besides I usually don't buy big-headed or some other "strange" dolls so I don't have for example black Bratz boys though I think they are rather nice... But they would look too strange with my other dolls and I don't like this. I only have Lady Lovelylocks big-headed Stacie sized boy, but he is not black. I'm going to buy big-headed black girl from the same series but she is rare and expansive...
    So I have more caucasian boys than the black ones. Only Flavas dolls have another situation: 6 Tre dolls and only 2 Liam dolls. :) But I think I'll buy other Liam dolls some day... As for the black boys I think I'll not buy many of them in the nearest future because I just don't know other black boys that I want, but maybe the only exception is light AA Kelly sized boy. I think Tommy as Major Mint AA would be the best but he is usually shipped "US only". I hope I'll be able to get him one day... :)

  5. I like dolls of all races, but if I collected every doll that I like, I would need a warehouse to store them all. :) I choose to focus my collection on Black dolls because I feel particularly passionate about them, but I also want my collection to represent diverse races and cultures.

    Yes, my big-headed dolls do look strange with the others. They have been a fairly recent addition to my collection. I didn't like the Bratz girl dolls at all, but I thought that the boys were kind of cute. I bought Dylan just to have a representative of the Bratz line of dolls. Other big-heads soon followed. My most recent addition is the small Dylan doll. I bought him because I recently purchased a big-headed girl doll, and she needed a friend. I purchased HER because I was traveling and I always try to purchase dolls on my trips - she was cheap and I could not resist.

    I will probably purchase my first female Bratz doll because the new ones with articulation are calling me. :)

    There is another Tre that I want to purchase. He comes with a big afro wig and I'm actually more interested in the wig and the other accessories than in the doll itself.

    I hope that many more AA boy sized dolls are made. DiD has made several teen boy sized dolls (including the Asian boy that I talked about previously). I wrote to them to ask if they would make a Karate Kid figure based on Jaden Smith. I got their standard canned response. Hopefully someone there (or somewhere) thinks it's a good idea. My girls would be giddy for months if they could have a friend like that join them. :)

  6. Yes, it's difficult to collect every doll you like, so we all have to choose. :) I collect kids and teens 1:6 first of all, especially the black ones, but kids and teens of other races too. Of course I don't buy absolutely all kids and teens, because many of them look alike and besides there are too many of them (especially Kelly sised), but I usually try to buy those, which I like. As for the adult dolls I buy them also and also prefer the black ones, but I don't buy every beautiful doll I see. :) I prefer Mattel and usually choose only playline dolls. I was tired of Mattel black male dolls, which all looked so alike with their smiles, and then learned about action figures (especially black action figures), so I like and collect some of them also now, but only male ones. I think female action figures are also interesting, but they often have molded hair, which I don't like... In any case I'm not a specialist in action figures at all and I think I'd buy much more of them if I knew more about them. :) Maybe I'll have a female figure one day... :)
    My other great passion is making doll families. If I see two dolls, especially of different age/size which have the same eye color, hair color and skin color or sometimes something else, I always think they could be sisters, brothers, parents and kids or something like that, so I decide to buy all members of the family, if I have only one of them. Well, I don't mean that I buy all those endless blue-eyed blond barbie dolls to make mothers for all my blue-eyed blond kids or something. It would be too dull and besides I don't like most of the dolls with blue eyes and blond hair. I don't have much of them even among kids. I usually prefer to find something more interesting, for example dolls whith green/brown eyes and blond hair, or dolls with blond/brown hair and brown eyes, or black dolls with unusual eye and hair color or something else and make them relatives. But as far as I buy many of "usual" black dolls also, I have some black families with just brown eyes, black hair and dark skin. It's not bad also for black dolls are unusual and beautiful in any case... :)
    Well, it's better to say that I don't have doll families, but just try to make them because I always miss somebody in almost all families. :) When I have a mother for some doll kids, I don't have a father for them and vice versa. Sometimes I know the doll I want to buy to make the family complete, sometimes I don't, sometimes I buy the doll I wanted and see that it would be better to make him/her a member of some other family... So it's an endless process, but it's so exciting. :) I had a big problem with fathers for teen dolls (especially black fathers) because most of Mattel male dolls looked too young for that, but I have several black action figures now, so the problem is partly resolved. :) I also have a problem with mothers, which don't look too young... I could use FR dolls for that purpose, but as I prefer playline dolls I don't want to. And besides I just don't like most of them. I learned more about Janay dolls recently and thought they could be good mothers for some of my black teens. They are so different...
    So you know much more about me and my dolls now. :)

  7. What a handsome group of boys! I hope they don't get too rowdy!

  8. Dukasha, thanks for sharing with me information about your collection and what drives you to collect the dolls that you do. I see some common ground in the dolls that we collect.

    Margaret, thank you! The boys do get rowdy sometimes, but there are plenty of action figures here to keep them in line!

  9. Yes, I think we and our dolls have much in common. For example I also think that Bratz boys look better than Bratz girls, especially black boys. :)
    As for the DiD figures I understand nothing in them, but I hope I could learn more one day. :)