Saturday, October 23, 2010

Opal Has Changed

I got an articulated female figure body from eBay and Opal is the closest color match. I had mixed feelings about switching Opal's head to the new body because I like Opals old body and the fact that she's thicker than other dolls. But articulation wins! So here's the new Opal:

Opal's original dress and panties fit the new figure. Her shoes are slightly too small (but she's working them anyway).

She is so much fun to pose.

Luckily, I managed to get Opal's head off without ruining her old body, so if I want to switch her back at some point, I can. I did not make any permanent modifications in order to get her head to fit her new body.


  1. Opal's new body looks good. Does the complexion match Artsy Fashionista's. If the body doesn't do automatic deep knee bends like the Swappin' Styles body does, I can use Artsy's head with it.


  2. Thanks Debbie! The complexion does NOT match Artsy at all. I can take a photo later and show you. I have no issues at all with this body, other than the fact that it is difficult to find a color match. It holds poses really well. Some of the folks on Men With Dolls have mentioned that some of these bodies have floppy ankle cups. That's the only quality issue that I've heard of.

  3. Great post, Roxanne! Love the transfer and the match - as I can see it - to the new body. May I ask which body it is? I have 2 Opals so maybe one of them will get poseability ;-D

  4. Thank you Dana! I got this body on eBay . The description says "New 1/6 AA CG CY Girl Nude Body". The color is not an exact match between the head and body, but it looks ok in most light. Sunlight is not Opal's friend right now.

  5. Yikes ... late reply. Thanks for sharing the information about the replacement body.

  6. LOL - better late than never. :) You're welcome.