Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lil' Penny Gets a Shave

Lil' Penny had not been his usual wisecracking self. He struggled with finding his place in my collection. He felt as if he didn't really belong anywhere. He is much smaller than the 1/6 adult figures, but larger than my mini adult figures. Indeed, he is the size of a 1/6 scale child. There was only one problem:

With a full mustache and a beard, he looked much older than the other children.

But that's nothing that a little nail polish remover couldn't fix.

Now he's back on his game and hangin' with his boys. He'll be known as Deon from now on.


  1. He fits now and he looks great! You go Deon! How is his jump shot? I love that shirt on Bob too. Is it Bratz?

  2. Way to go, Roxanne! Hi, Deon!

  3. Thank you Ms. Leo! Deon pretty good with his jump shot, but he needs to work on it. Yes Bob has on a Bratz Boyz shirt.

    Dana, thank you!

  4. Deon indeed looks like one of the boys now! How clever.


  5. This facial hair was really unnecessary on his boyish face. He looks much better now.

  6. Thanks Dukasha! I like him much better this way. My husband didn't even want me to take him out of the box. He will have to get his own. :)