Friday, October 22, 2010

Julian's First Day

Julian was so excited about his first day at his new school that he asked his new friend Todd to show him around before classes started. Todd agreed and brought some friends along to help. Todd got a little carried away and even pretended to be the teacher for a while.

Todd even logged on to the classroom computer. He just really wanted his new friend to be well prepared and to know what to expect.

After the tour, the boys posed for a photo.

Some girls have arrived and want to pose for a picture as well. Julian has plenty of new friends in his new school.


  1. Too cute. I'm glad Julian was able to readily make new friends. It was very sweet of Todd to take charge and be his first friend. I'm sure Julian appreciates that.


  2. The children are so cute! I love how you everything in the classroom!

  3. Thank you EbonyNicole! I love all of the little classroom props.

  4. Oh, you've got him at last. He is absolutely wonderful, isn't he? :) And are your Kelly sized dolls big enough to visit school? Mine are not. :)

  5. Love your school setting. Yay for Julian and yay for Todd.

  6. Dukasha, yes I finally have him and I'm so excited! :D My Kelly sized dolls attend a nearby pre-school, but they wanted to go along on the tour, and they could not resist posing for the photos. :)

    Thanks Dana! I never knew that school could be so much fun until I got these props.

  7. Hello
    Actually my son really LOVE that boy doll with blue shirt. Would you please help me where I can buy that doll?
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Amir, that's Happy Family Ryan. He came in a gift set with his dad Alan. There are some sets available on eBay right now, but they tend to be pricey. Mattel sells other boy dolls that look similar to Ryan, so perhaps your son would love one of those just as well. Good luck!