Sunday, January 2, 2011

Calista’s Diary Entry – Changes

Dear Diary,

I have changed. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I do not recognize the person staring back at me. It all seems to be happening so fast!
My mom says that I'm going through a very special phase in a young lady's life and that I should embrace these changes. And I do. The only thing that I don't like is that I've suddenly outgrown all of my shoes! I had some cute shoes, too. Oh well, that gives me a reason to go shopping. :)
My mom and dad truly dislike some of my latest clothing choices. But they always tell me that I'm growing up and that I need to take on more responsibility. Ok, so they should let me be responsible for the clothes that I wear.

I'm glad that some things haven't changed, like the bond between me and my BFF's.


  1. Where did Calista find that cute outfit?


  2. Hi Debbie, that outfit used to belong to Bratz Party Sasha (and so did that body).

  3. LOL! Calista is growing into a hottie!

  4. LOL squarepeg78! Her parents are nervous. But Calista says that she's still the same on the inside. She promises not to turn into a wild child. She thanks you for the compliment. :)

  5. I can't remember if Calista is 12 or 14, but she is just too fast! I have boys and some time ago, a friend told me that if I had a girl, she would run away from home. My younger son once complained about my being strict, and I hold him to be thankful that he was a boy; if he had been a girl, he would find out what being strict is. Lord, have mercy!

  6. Anonymous that's funny, because Calista's friends tease her because they feel that Calista's parents are too strict! Kana's parents let her dye her hair purple and turquoise, she wears eye shadow, and she has a tattoo on her face!

    Calista's parents really did have a problem with this particular outfit, and Calista wanted to know why. She's completely covered, so what's the problem? The real issue is that their little girl looks so grown up in this outfit (heels? oh my!). But ultimately they let Calista have the outfit. They figure that by the time Spring gets here she will already be tired of it and it will be put into the closet and given to Goodwill next year. But you know, since Calista knows that her parents don't like this outfit, it will probably become her favorite. LOL!

    Calista's parents really don't have much to worry about. She's doing exceptionally well in school, and grown-ups are always complimenting her on what a polite and well-mannered girl she is. Calista is just at an age where she's starting to feel a twinge of rebellion, and she is dealing with peer pressure (not to mention hormones). But she's a good girl. :)

    My parents were strict with me when I was growing up. I'm grateful for it now, but I was pretty unhappy about it during my teen years!

  7. I am not a parent so I am speaking from that point of view. It is a hard job...hard hard job. With anyone there to really show you the way. Oh yes, you might have your mom or friends but each child in unique. They have never raised your child. I am one of five children and the same parenting style may not work for all! My hat is off to anyone raising a child. What Calista's parents should do is take a picture of her in this outfit and put it in a safety deposit box for blackmail purposes in the future. I'm sure she will not want that picture sent to her job so she will always come home for the holiday and come to visit! :)

  8. I like how more poseable Calista is with this new body. (And THANKS for the use of a Bratz body with another head. I NEVER thought to do that!)

    Ah the outfit? Not to my taste, but also, I couldn't wear it sooo ...

    Looking forward to more Calista stories in 2011 :-)

  9. Ms. Leo, LOL @ blackmail! Well, a parent has to use every tool at their disposal, I suppose. :) I am not a parent either, and I can only imagine how hard it is.

    Dana, thanks! I like the poseable Bratz body much better, except for the feet.

  10. I like Calista's outfit!!

  11. RoxanneRoxanne, glad to see you and Calista again. :) Calista on the poseable body looks wonderful, but I also don't like Bratz feet. I think BFC feet are much better. :) It's a pity, that we can't always change just a part of a doll's body, I often want to be able to do something like that. I know some people give their dolls new legs, it's possible, but not always so easy, and I'd like we could easily change every part of a doll's body without changing other parts.

  12. All I have to say is; thank God I'm not having any children anytime soon because that outfit is a little too sassy!

  13. Bonnie, I thank you and Calista thanks you! :)

    Dukasha, it's so good to hear from you again. I wish that I were a little more brave about changing body parts on my dolls. I see how some people modify their dolls into one of a kind works of art, and I wish that I could do the same. One of these days I will learn to repaint and reroot, but that's probably about it. I'm nervous enough popping the heads off of my dolls. :)

    Hi EbonyNicole30, if I had a daughter and this is what she wanted to wear, I imagine we'd have to have a long talk. :)