Sunday, January 2, 2011

Isla Rebodied

I did a head swap with Isla and Clawdeen Wolf. The new Isla looks good in clothing with high collars.
In revealing clothing, the results vary. In some poses, she looks pretty good.

In other poses, she looks like she has a serious thyroid condition.

She's still closer than ever to her twin Hadley.


  1. So, the complexion is right but the torso is very thin! Hmm, that is the beauty of head swapping.... if you don't like it after a while, you can change it back.

  2. Feed them! Please - LOL.

    I've been thinking about re-bodying these dolls, too. Wondering which larger-sized fashion doll to use. Will get around to it ;-D

    Thanks for sharing these photos.

  3. Ms. Leo, yes the complexion is pretty close. Isla's head is a little lighter than the body. I'm going to leave her this way for now, but she will definitely remain in shirts with high collars to hide her bulbous neck.

    Dana, LOL - if only I could. I've been thinking about re-bodying or re-legging these 2 since I got them. They would be okay for me if it weren't for those hard plastic legs with ballet feet and molded-on slippers.

  4. It's a rather good body for Isla even with this strange neck. I also always want to do something with these ballerinas, I have the caucasion version of them. I like the upper part of their body, especially the jointed elbows, but the legs are really horrible.

  5. Dukasha I agree, the legs on Hadley and Isla are terrible, but they have a good upper body. I do like Isla on this new body (except for the neck) and I look forward to buying her some cute Monster High fashions and shoes in the future.