Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tyr Anasazi

When I first saw this figure for sale online a couple of years ago, I couldn't decide whether or not to buy him. Sure he's handsome and he looks interesting, but I just wasn't sure.

His hair was the deciding factor for me. I like to collect figures that have something about them that I don't currently have in my collection. Well I didn't have any dolls with locks, so I had to have him.

Unfortunately, by the time I decided that I wanted him, he had sold out at the online store where I'd been watching him and contemplating. Then I would see him pop up on eBay every now and then for ridiculous prices. Fortunately for me, D7ana was able to direct me to a store where I could purchase Tyr for a reasonable price. Thanks D7ana!

Tyr was added to my collection in October and he quickly made friends. He is pictured below with Blade, Jinx, Martha Jones, and Triad's Omega. They are ready for an adventure!


  1. I am glad you were able to find Tyr.

    I purchased him nude in 2009 from Old Joe Infirmary. They had him listed as "nude AA male" or something similar for $4 and change, without a picture (I think)... maybe they had a picture. My memory is fuzzy. Anyway, I like him and it took a while for me to learn his true ID. Ironically, I named him "Ty" (sort for Tyrone) initially.

    It also took a while for me to discover that his rubber-like arms can be repositioned in a more natural pose.

    My Tyr and his comrades have managed to remain out of trouble, but I believe that's because they all have female companions who keep them in check.

    Enjoy him!

    Here's a blog about mine after I ID'd him. The blog contains a link to a merchant who appears to still have at least one for sale.


  2. Oh, I saw such figure on eBay once and thought he was interesting, but the seller didn't know his name and I didn't know also. So thanks for the info. I'm going to Russian wikipedia to read more about him. :)

  3. Thank you Debbie! OJI is where I first saw him, but by the time I decided to buy him, they had sold out. Wow he was only $4.99 huh? I'm so cheap. LOL! They did have a picture of him on OJI. I had no idea who he was supposed to be, though. The link in your blog is the same link that Dana sent me to, so that's where I bought him.

    Yeah Tyr and some of his new buddies look like they may get into a little bit of trouble if I'm not careful. They have a lot of female companionship here, but...well...some of my females appear to have a lot of testosterone. Perhaps I should pair my fashion doll ladies with my action guys, and my Kens with G.I. Janes. :)

    Dukasha, you're welcome. Happy reading!

  4. Yay, Roxanne! Glad you got him for a good price. (Got mine marked down at TRU - not so great a deal, pricewise.)

    He's handsome and oh so fine ;-D

  5. I have one too! I got at Toys R Us several years ago when he was marked down. I kinda like him. He was not in his original costume for long. He need street attire. He now wears a army green tee shirt ( brings out the eyes, complexion and hair), Jeans and a camouflage jacket. He reminds me of the street venders I see in Center City Philadelphia sell oils and jewerly! :)

  6. Thank you Dana and Ms. Leo. I don't know how I'll dress him. I mostly have Ken clothes, so he'll probably stay in this costume for a while.

  7. My pleasure, Roxanne! Share and share, we do.

    My Tyr is still in his original pants. He looked hot in the summer so I took off the leather vest then, LOL.

    Ms. Leo, it would be neat to see your guy in his different outfit and to hear what clothes fit him.