Thursday, January 6, 2011

Michael Jackson

A couple of months ago, I purchased a 10" Michael Jackson doll distributed by Playmates Toys. I have the Billie Jean version, and they also make a Thriller version. According to the box, this figure has 37 points of articulation, and is a MJ Estate approved collectible figure of Michael Jackson.

He displays beautifully in his box. But of course I couldn't leave him in his box. I released him today.

Here he is posing. His joints are not too tight and not too loose. He can be easily posed and he holds his poses well.

The likeness is okay. The clothing and shoes are very nice, and they are removable.

He is 10 inches tall, so he is shorter than most of the of the other adults in my collection. He is closer to the height of my teens. Here he is with MC Hammer and another Michael Jackson doll (both are 12 inches), and Bob Scout.

My 2 Michaels have a dance-off. Little Michael wins.

The figure comes with a very nice stand and each figure is numbered.


  1. I think Playmates did a nice job capturing Michael's likeness, and you did good to keep him in his box for so long (knowing how you like to play).

    Congratulations on acquiring him!

    Thanks for the comparison images, too.


  2. Thank you Debbie! I'm thinking about putting him back in his box to display him. His clothes are just so nice that I don't want to risk ruining them. I'm going to let him dance around for a while longer though.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Michaels, Roxanne. Little Michael is cute. Amazed that I missed his clothes being cloth clothes (argh!), but so neat to see your photos of him.

    In the last photo, it looks as though Little Michael is about to moonwalk. I can *hear* the Billie Jean soundtrack as I type ;-D

  4. Thanks Dana! Yes, they are both about to moonwalk. Later, MC Hammer challenged them to a running man competition, and he was astounding when Little Michael beat him.