Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boy Crazy

When I was in elementary/middle school, this is how we described girls who seemed determined to have a boyfriend or boyfriends: "boy crazy." When a girl decided to eat lunch in the cafeteria with a boy instead of girls, she was boy crazy. When a girl decided to spend recess with a boy instead of girls, she was boy crazy. When a girl was caught writing a boy's name down 117 times in her notebook, she was most definitely boy crazy. By high school, the vast majority of us had succumbed to boy craziness.

Pardon me, I was just sitting here thinking about Calista and her plight when I started reminiscing about my own childhood. Back to Calista. From her recent diary entries, it looks like Calista feels that she is ready for a boyfriend. But her parents will not let her date until she is 16. But shouldn't Calista be allowed to make the choice for herself about when she's ready? What do you think? Is Calista too young to have a boyfriend? Is there a difference between dating and having a boyfriend? Please let me know what you think and vote in my poll.


  1. Oh, first to vote! Whoo hoo!

    Depends on how what Calista expects to do with her boyfriend. What limits will her parents expect - can't allow her to just run off with bfriend whenever she wants, doing whatever she wants, LOL.

    I would think there is a difference between dating and having a boyfriend. The latter sounds more formal and more serious.

  2. I agree with D7ana, I think you can have a boyfriend without necessarily saying you're "dating". And if Calista feels that she is ready for a boyfriend, then she is :D

  3. Wow this is kind of deep, but here I go!

    You have to understand there are so many emotions when in a relationship especially at a young age! Calista is still so young and I think she should wait but, how does the boy she likes feel about her? That is the question! One of the problems I see with Calista and so many other friendships and relationship there seems to be no communication on how everyone feels! I think if she ask Bob (is that his name) if he likes more than friends than we will see how things go!

    With saying that, I think Calista should wait to date! I think Calista should and if her parents have rules about dating then she really has to respect that!

  4. No matter what age Calista is her feelings are her own. If she were my child I would guide her away from her so called boyfriend without telling her she cannot have a boyfriend. I believe a child would hear it like this, my parent is trying to ruin my life by telling me whom I can like and when I can like him.

  5. How old is Calista again? I don't think she's old enough to date, however, if she wants to go out with a GROUP I have no issues with that.

  6. Thanks everyone so much for your comments!

    Dana, you even beat me to the vote! Oh wait, maybe I wasn't supposed to vote in my own poll. Oh well, I was outvoted anyway. :p I voted No.

    Alrunia, I agree. If she's ready, then who is going to stop her? Her parents can not watch her 24/7. But, Calista has been a very obedient kid up until this point.

    EbonyNicole, I agree with the point that you make about communication. Calista and Bob are just so young, and they are learning how to do that. They just don't really know how yet. But the emotions seem so strong.

    Anonymous, that's a really good point. I remember when I would sometimes want to do the exact opposite of what my parents wanted me to do. Teen rebellion.

    Margaret, Calista is middle school age (older than 11 but younger than 15). :) Going on group dates sounds like a good idea (uh-oh, unless she gets in with the wrong group...).