Monday, October 19, 2009

Calista's Diary Entry - Payback

Dear Diary,

Saturday night I texted Kana to see what she was up to. We (me, Kana and Briana Joy) normally hang out on the weekends. So she texted me back saying "can't talk, movie starting, turning phone off". So then I sent a text message to Briana Joy and she did not reply. I even sent a text to Janet (we call her Big Janet or BJ, because we have 2 Janets). No one answered. I figured that they had all gone to the movies together without telling me anything about it, and I was pretty upset.

The next day I went over Kana's house and they were all there - they had spent the night! I asked why they had made plans without including me and Kana said "We figured you would be busy hanging out with your new BFF Skipper." What?! I was shocked. I told them that they did not have to be upset that I had made a new friend. They told me that's not what upset them. They said that it upset them that I had gone to a slumber party that they were not invited to. I told them that it was a last minute thing that Skipper threw together and they told me no, she had planned it for at least a week! They said that the only reason Skipper even invited me is that Hadley and Isla couldn't go.

Ok, all of this is news to me. I'll have to ask Skipper about this at school. Meanwhile, my feelings are really hurt. I do NOT want to have to choose between my friends. :(


  1. Man, I am really feeling sorry for Calista. I think her friends should have talked to her first before shunning her.

  2. Whew! What I "missed" not being part of a clique. I feel sorry for Calista, but I can see how her friends might feel that she had left them behind. Strikes me as mean, even if I can also see how it might be considered necessary that her friends told Calista that she was only invited because Hadley and Isla couldn't attend.

  3. Man Calista! You should not have to choose! I hope you guys can work it out!!

  4. Renee, I agree that her friends should have talked to her first. This all sounds like a misunderstanding.

    Dana, I have a feeling that Calista would like to just be friends with (almost) everyone, but that she does feel a sense of comfort in the fact that this particular group has "claimed" her as one of their own.

    Margaret, Calista says "Thank you Ms. Margaret, I hope that we can too!"