Saturday, October 17, 2009

8" Barack Obama Figure

Heroes in Action has produced a very nice 8 inch fully posable Barack Obama figure. I ordered one and it arrived yesterday.

This figure has a pretty good resemblance to President Obama. The suit is well made and uses Velcro closures. The suit jacket has a lining on the inside. The suit and shoes are removable.

I am very pleased with the articulation of this figure. His head and arms rotate, his waist swivels, his arms rotate at the bicep, he has jointed elbows and wrists, he is jointed at the hips, his legs rotate at the upper thigh, he has double jointed knees, and he has jointed ankles.

The only flaw that I see is that the paint comes off of the wrist joint. It is minor and barely noticeable.

Here is the Heroes in Action figure next to my 12" DiD Barack Obama figure.

Lt. Uhura and Michael Jordan figures come out to greet him.


  1. Thanks for this information... here I am trying not to spend money but the President Barack Obama enthusiast that I am has got to have him... got to have him!

    I love the photos and the size comparison! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Roxanne! Neat review of an exciting new product. Articulation AND clothes.

  3. Nice :) I like the picture of him standing by the chair

  4. Thanks Debbie, Dana, and Sabriam!

    I got mine on eBay from this seller:

    I made an offer. The seller emailed me stating that he started the toy company Heroes in Action and manufactured this toy. He asked me to let him know if I was looking for anything else and I emailed him back saying that I would love to see a Michelle Obama figure (with rooted hair). :)

    This figure is also on pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store:

    The Mego Store has the gray suit version:

    How do I post active links in the Comments section??? It's not accepting my HTML. :P

  5. Hmmmm, I like him! I gotta have him. LOL!

  6. Renee - let me know how you like him.

    Ebony Nicole - thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :D