Sunday, October 25, 2009

Calista's Diary Entry - Beauty Interrupted

Dear Diary,

Fall is my favorite season. I love looking at the multi-colored scenery. The beauty of the land just takes my breath away.

Today me, Kana, Briana, and Big Janet went on a nature walk. Oh yeah, I'm over what happened last weekend with them leaving me out of their plans. Last Monday they acted like nothing had ever happened, and I just went along. I haven't spoken to Skipper much. I just don't know what to say.

I had so much fun with my friends today. I'm just glad that things seem to be back to normal between all of us. My mom says that whenever there's conflict, that people need to talk things out. She says that communication is key. Maybe that's not always true. Maybe if people just hang out and look at the beauty of nature, they will realize that their problems are not so important after all.

I got separated from the rest of the girls for a while and I was just enjoying myself, looking at my surroundings when I heard "Calista! Calista!" I looked up and it was Mikey. I braced myself for his teasing. He said "You know the homecoming dance is less than 3 weeks away right?" I said "Yes I know." He said "I was wondering if we could go to the dance...together." I said "Ha ha Mikey, very funny." He said "I'm serious." And I looked at him and I saw that he really was serious! I was stunned! I tried to talk and my words came out in a jumble. "I...welll it's, you see..I just, I can't go with you." He said "Why not?" and I said "I'm already going...with someone else." I couldn't believe it when I heard that lie come out of my mouth. Well it's not really a lie, I do WANT to go with someone else, he just hasn't asked me yet. And in spite of everything, I just really didn't want to hurt Mikey's feelings.

Mikey said "Ok, that's cool. I didn't really want to go with you ANYWAY!"


  1. These pictures are gorgeous!! Awww poor Mikey! Will Bob ask Calista to the dance? LOL!

  2. Fantastic photos and story! The scenery is beautiful!! I hope Bob is going to ask Calista to the dance. :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures Roxanne and great story! I can't believe she shot Mikey down like that!

  4. I love the nature photos and the girls and Mikey outside. Glad that the rift seems healed among the girls.

    Uh huh, I thought that Mr. Mikey has a crush. Uh huh. I think that Calista's lie might come back to haunt her. Like if Mikey tells Bob that Calista has a date .... Tsk.

    Your stories get better and better. Inspiring, too.

  5. Renee, thank you and stay tuned! LOL!

    ItsMe, thanks! Bob and Calista would look so cute together at the dance. :)

    Margaret, thank you! Well what's a girl to do? She had her heart set on going with Bob. :)

    Dana!!! You are way ahead of me. I see I'm going to have to throw in some Law & Order surprise twists for you. LOL!!! Thanks for the comments. :)