Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dollar Store Dolls

Feast your eyes on my dollar store guys!

Let's take a closer look, shall we? First up, it's a brown skinned guy with a pompadour. He was a bargain even by dollar store standards. I think that I paid around 60 cents for him. He was a companion to one of the few Barbies that I had back then. I already had 2 Kens that looked just alike and I did not want another with that same face, so I decided that this doll would be a stand-in until I could find a different doll. This was in the mid 1990's before I began my internet shopping spree that has not ended. He used to have a name, but I forgot it long ago (in fact, I don't remember the names of any of these guys).

Next we have a guy with a crew cut. He was purchased to serve as a companion to my blonde Barbie, but the union was short-lived because of the next dollar store guy.

This one's a keeper! Here we have a fully articulated male figure that only cost $1. He had a long relationship with blonde Barbie - her longest relationship to date. She left him earlier this year though for 40th Anniversary Ken.

I've posted this in response to Johnny, Bargain Ethnic Fashion Doll. Because of this post, I have rescued these dolls from my Bin of Forgotten Figures. If you have dollar store dolls, do not be ashamed, post pics for everyone's enjoyment!


  1. The last dollar doll looks like a great buy. I don't think those 3 are available in our country (except maybe in thrift stores where they're priced over $3). :(

  2. Hi Niel, $3 is still pretty good if you can find one of the articulated figures. Mine came with a bunch of weapons also that look pretty decent, but I have no use for the weapons.

  3. Interesting finds. I don't have any dollar store dolls, but maybe things have improved since the 1990s. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more diverse offerings the next time I go to a dollar store.

  4. That articulated guy really is a keeper, Roxanne. The others are cute, too, in their own fashion :-) .

    Thanks for bringing these guys out. It's always fun to see new faces.

  5. Wow! You found some great Dollar Store bargains. That last doll is great. I need to start looking out for them as well, since I don't have any.

  6. Debbie, I've been to a couple of dollar stores recently since someone mentioned that they found some HSM dolls there. They did have some Barbies for cheap, but nothing that I had to have.

    Dana, the articulated guy can hold his own against some of my other figures. As for the other 2, well maybe I can do something with them for Halloween. :)

    Renee, thanks and happy hunting! :)