Sunday, October 11, 2009

Calista's Diary Entry - The New Girl

Dear Diary,

Ever since I came here, I've looked forward to the day when I wouldn't be thought of as "the new girl" anymore. And this may sound bad, but I've wished that another girl would come so that maybe Mikey wouldn't tease me as much. Maybe if there's another new girl, he'll tease her instead. Well we finally have another new girl! Her name is Gabriella and she seems really nice.

I was hanging out and talking to her and some others when I saw Mikey and Dave coming. When Mikey saw Gabriella he said to her "What's up Daisy Duke?" She just giggled. I was thinking to myself "Please let Mikey walk on by without saying anything to me!" Well he did walk on by me without saying anything. But then he backed up. :( He said "Calista do you know what date Halloween is on?" and I said "Of course I do, it's the 31st!" and Mikey said "Then why are you looking like the Bride of Frankenstein TODAY?" Even the new new girl laughed. I really REALLY dislike Mikey.


  1. Methinks Dave has a crush on Calista ;-D

    BTW, is Dave the short bald guy? Who's talking with Tika?

    Snooping D

  2. Mikey is the bald guy who has yet to show his face on camera (he is the one who has been teasing Calista). Dave Cub Scout doll is in the red shirt. He normally hangs out with Bob Scout. The kid talking to Tika is named TJ and is a souvenir from New Orleans. :D

  3. Thanks for the who's who.

    I meant to type, that Mikey has a crush on Calista ;-D

  4. Dana I think that you may be right about Mikey. ;)