Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who's the Best?

You've seen the figure comparisons featuring some of my articulated dolls, and now I will let you vote on who is the best of the best.  But first, I would like to get your help in choosing the dolls that will go on to the final round, where I will pose them in yoga poses.  I have chosen 2 dolls from each group that I thought posed the best and that were the most popular based on the comments, so let me know which one from each group that you would like to see move on.

Group 1 - Articulated Fashion Dolls

LIV Alexis body (Hadley head) vs. Artsy Fashionista

Group 2 - Action Figure Ladies

Dragon Jennifer (Special Version) vs. Triad Alpha (African)

Group 3 - Blurring the Lines

Dragon Linh vs. action figure body (similar to Takara with Opal head)

Group 4 - Trendy and Bendy
Dance 'N Flex Christie vs. Monsieur Z. Wild

Group 5 - Large and Lovely

Girls Explore Bessie Coleman vs. Happy Family Grandma (or neither)

Group 6 - Fragile and Fabulous
AA Nutcracker Barbie vs. Alvin Ailey Barbie
(As shown in the photo, Nutcracker Barbie can stand on her own after all).

Do you have a favorite that did not make the cut?  If so, let me know and I will consider moving that one to the final round instead of Bessie or Grandma.  Also, let me know if there are any specific yoga poses that you would like to see.


  1. My 1st choice is definitely articulated. Thay have such a wider range of movement which make photographing them magical. My 2nd choice would be fragile, especially Alvin Ailey! She's fierce! And my 3rd choice would be action figure...well because they look like the can kick some a**
    Krixx Monroe

  2. In group 1 I think the LIV body with Hadley head looks good and more poseable.
    Group 2 Dragon Jennifer
    Group 3 figure with Opal head
    Group 4 Monsieur Z Wild
    Group 5 Happy Family Grandmother
    Group 6 Nut Cracker Barbie

    Good lock with your project.

  3. Hello from Spain: I think it is better articulated body. I am rooting for the body of group 3. Keep in touch

  4. I think my choices are:
    group 1 LIV Alexis body
    group 2 Triad Alpha (African)
    group 3 action figure body
    group 4 Monsieur Z Wild
    group 5 neither
    group 6 not sure maybe Alvin Ailey

    I think you are going to find we all want different dolls, maybe you'll have to do elimination rounds.

  5. my choice is the first one from the first two groups and the second one from the second two groups. the last two groups I don't really see a difference.

  6. Group 1
    LIV Alexis body

    Group 2
    Triad Alpha

    Group 3
    Takara Opal

    Group 4
    Monsieur Z

    Group 5

    Group 6
    Alvin Ailey Barbie


  7. Group 1: Artsy Fashionista
    Group 2: Triad Alpha
    Group 3: Opal
    Group 4: Monseiur Z
    Group 5:Bessie Coleman
    Group 6: Nutcracker Barbie

  8. I'm having a hard time picking my favorites, but I do love the idea of a "yoga-off" no matter who's in it! :)

  9. Thank you so much Krixx, Vincent, Marta, Carrickters, Sabriam, Debbie, MDW, and Anderson's for your comments and your votes! I'm voting for:

    Group 1: LIV Alexis body
    Group 2: Triad Alpha
    Group 3: action figure body similar to Takara
    Group 4: Dance 'n Flex Christie
    Group 5: neither
    Group 6: Alvin Ailey body

    Instead of a representative from group 5, I'd like to see: Dragon Jennifer or Dragon Linh if they don't win the votes, or the Super Model Bel body.

    In the next post, I will reveal the finalists.