Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Finalists

Thank you for helping me choose the finalists in this posing competition!

Here are the finalists:

Group 1:  LIV Alexis body (Hadley head)
Group 2:  Triad Alpha
Group 3:  Opal head on action figure body (similar to Takara) - this was a landslide victory!
Group 4:  Monsieur Z Wild (really???)
Group 5:  Neither.  Happy Family Grandma had 1 more vote than Bessie Coleman, and just as many people voted for Neither as they did for Grandma.  I'm going with neither.  I'm substituting Dragon Jennifer here.  Sorry Grandma!
Group 6:  Alvin Ailey Barbie won by 1 vote.

Coming up next:  the final poses!


  1. Hello from Spain: interesting picture of the finalists. Keep in touch

  2. Applause for the finalists!

  3. Definitely applause for the finalists. Now I have to read your next post to see how they went.