Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Time Is It?

It's time to welcome a new member to the crew! This is a new Power Team action figure that I purchased at Big Lots. This is a great figure for the money!

Here comes the welcoming committee.

I also purchased a Celebrate Disco Barbie. She is staying in her box for now.

Thanks Debbie!


  1. Yay, great to see you've got a Power Team guy. They are great buys and fun. Love the way you pose your new guy, checking the time.

    That Liv outfit is cute, too. Like the Barbie head on that body (? or is the Barbie just redressed in the Liv outfit?) and the Welcome Committee.

  2. You're welcome, Roxanne. I was going to blog about my guy today, too. Great minds think alike! He was/is a great buy. I'm going back today. Congrats again on your finds. Hope you're able to find the AAADT Barbie in your area.

  3. ADDENDUM... I am soooooooooooooo glad your guy asked about the time. My guy's watch was still attached to the cellophane insert, which had already been placed in the trash. I just ran into the kitchen to retrieve it!

  4. Dana, thanks! That is a Barbie head on a LIV (Alexis) body. Alexis got the Barbie body, which is slightly bigger.

    Debbie, thanks! I'm glad that you were able to retrieve the watch! That is my favorite of his accessories. Didn't care much for the guns, but I was excited when I saw the watch. :)