Thursday, September 17, 2009

New TTL Brown Body

My new TTL action figure body arrived today. I ordered the brown body (the choices were light, brown, and black). It is short compared to other male action figure bodies, but I am pleased with the articulation and the ability to hold poses.

The only bothersome flaw that I see is a small crack above the left ankle cup. I will be sealing it promptly!

My DiD Barack Obama thinks that this would be a good replacement body if he ever decides that he wants to wear short-sleeved shirts.

Vincent and William are having a discussion about which one of them will get the new body. I think it's gonna be Vincent.

I'm going to order more of these in black!


  1. Congrats on the TTL body. I'm sorry about the crack above the ankle.

  2. Thanks Debbie! No worries on the ankle - it's barely noticeable and easily fixed. :)

  3. I'm seconding the congrats on the new body. I think that a shorter body will add variety to your collection. Is the TTL body the same height as the new 2000+ G.I. Joe bodies?

    Interesting how the TTL body has those delicate ankles like the Hot Toys guys.

  4. Thanks Dana! The TTL body is taller than GI Joe, shorter than the Power Team guys, and about the same height as the DiD bodies. I'll post photos

  5. The TTL body is a very good body that is well blanched, sturdy and allows you to integrate a number of body parts from other manufactures such as BBi (Heads, Hands), DML (Heads), Soldier Story (Hand & Hands, Hot Toys (Head, Hands, Feet), Saturday Toys, etc. Considering the 1/6th market today, the TTL male body comes in at a reasonable price.

    The TTL body comes in nine variants of three colors (Caucasian, Mocha (Tan), that African American) supports three different body styles. One of these variants are constructed to support uniforms W.W. II uniforms while another is configure to support Modern uniforms. Although, I have not seen a big enough of a different in these two bodies to worry about them fitting any 1/6yh uniform on the market. These two variants will support BBi, HT, and DML head sculpts. The third variant is designed to support a special head post arrangement where the nick is stationary. Head sculpts that will support this configuration are available with certain BBi, HT and Soldier Story figures, to name a few.

    The number of positions the body will accept is limitless and the joints seem to be solid to hold the body in a position and to support weapons or other items. In many ways the body mirrors that of Hot Toys (HT) in height and girth which allows it to be more dynamic the same as HT. However, the chest structure and arms allows for more lateral flexibility then HT for holding a rifle in the correct position.

    One bad point of the figure is the butt section which is very flat. The TTL body may not give you the look you desire or support certain trousers very will without a little padding being added.

    Good product!

  6. Thank you T! This is some great information. I did not know that the TTL body comes in nine variants of the 3 different colors. I am really enjoying this figure. It is really sturdy and it's holding up quite well.

    I want to get a female TTL body also, but I'm waiting and hoping that they will come out with an AA headsculpt to go with the body.