Monday, April 17, 2017

Walking Barbie and Baby Krissy

Hello everyone! Today is a bit of a throwback. I'm showing you my Walking Barbie and New Baby Sister Krissy set - the African American version. This set was released in 1999 and I bought it brand new, so these dolls have been in my collection for about 18 years now. In fact, these are among the first dolls in my collection, and Krissy was the first baby in my collection.

These dolls are dressed in their original outfits. The set came with the dolls, the stroller, and the baby bag which contains a bottle, baby powder, a sippy cup, and a rattle. Walking Barbie really does walk when pushing the stroller, and Krissy makes adorable cooing, giggling, and singing sounds when she's laid in her stroller (it's actually the stroller making the sounds). All these years later, and Krissy is still cooing like a champ! Those must be some super duper batteries!

Since this Barbie was one of the earlier dolls in my collection, she has been subjected to more of my handling than my other dolls, and her outfit and hair shows it. She came with her hair in two braids, parted down the middle. Her arms are permanently bent and she looks like she's ready to do some Karate chops. Her legs are straight and do not bend.
This is not my photo

So about Krissy's adorable baby sounds... When you lay Krissy's head down, the sounds come from a speaker in the stroller. Awwwwwww! That cooing sound must be like the Wilhelm Scream of baby noises in movies and TV, because I've heard that exact same sound literally dozens of times over the years in movies and on TV shows. In fact, while taking these photos, I heard this cooing on a show that my husband was watching in the other room (The Musketeers series). I'm so impressed that the sounds still work after all these years, because I've never changed the battery!

Walking Barbie's arms attach to the stroller, and when you push the stroller she walks.

The basket detaches from the stroller and allows for Barbie to easily carry Krissy.

 Barbie is a great big sister, and takes such good care of Krissy!

 Krissy is such a happy and well cared for baby girl!

Here's my video of this set, where you can hear the cooing and see the walking in action.


  1. Love all the cute poses. This is one of my favorite sets that I have. The babies and their gear, get me every time.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! Yes, when I saw this set in the stores all those years ago, I couldn't resist cute little baby Krissy. :)