Thursday, October 31, 2013

Calista's Diary Entry - Halloween Carnival

Dear Diary,

Tonight I went to a Halloween carnival with my friends Kana, Briana Joy, and Big Janet and I had a lot of fun!

There were indoor activities, and they also had a few rides and games outside.  Others from my school were there.  Bob was there.  :)

Skipper was there with her boyfriend Kevin.

Jenna and Kiara were there together.  Jenna was dressed as a witch.  I overheard a girl saying "How fitting" and another girl said "Which witch is which?".

There was a lot of good food there.  They had some humongous pecan pies that were so delicious!

I spent a lot of time hanging out with Bob.  We went on a hayride.

We also rode on a big monstrous duck.

Some of the things were kind of creepy, but not really scary.

One thing that was rather frightening was a huge jack-in-the-box.

And there was a huge hairy spider.  Even though I knew it was fake, I didn't want it to touch me.  It gave me the shivers!

There was also a big snake that kind of made me feel uneasy.

There was just so much there to see!

And so much there to do!

Eventually we went outside and I did not see Bob much after that.  I didn't know where he went.  Dylan came over and asked Big Janet if she wanted to ride through the Haunted House with him and she said "yes".  Well they came out with big smiles and holding hands!  I can't wait to talk to Big Janet to find out what happened!

A while later, I saw Bob.  He was playing a game, trying to win a prize.  I felt a little disappointed that he was not spending time with me riding some of the rides.

Just when we were about to leave, Bob came over to me with a huge Teddy bear, and he gave it to me!  I was shocked!  I almost couldn't get my words out.  I said "What...  Oh my....  How did you....  How long did it take you to win this?"  He told me that it wasn't a problem and handed the bear to me.  I didn't know what to say other than "thank you!"  

I hugged my bear in the car all the way home.  :)))))))


  1. Good to see Calista again! Is she on a new body...which body? I do so love Bob. This was a cute store too!

    1. Thank you, Ms. Leo! Calista is glad to be back. She does have a new body. She has a Super Model Bel body now.

  2. What fun!I See a few new budding relationships! :-)

    1. Thank you the grandmommy! Yes, it appears that love is in the air.

  3. "Which witch is which?" I cracked up when I read this!

    Young love is too cute.


  4. Bob is taking his Dad's advice. Now that is sweet. I like how he won the bear for Calista. Cute!

    Hungry for more Halloween doll photos? Stop by and vote for your favorite 3 of 4 photos on my Halloween post. The poll is up. Thanks

    I thank you in advance ;-)

    1. Thanks D7ana!

      I voted on your poll. I only voted for 1 because I liked that one much more than all of the others.

  5. This was so freaking cute! I love how you relay the story so that we know what's happening even though Calista doesn't.

    1. Thank you, Muff! I like knowing what's going on with Bob and his motivations. He seems like such a mystery to Calista. But I guess that she is a mystery to him, as well.